Hitting the road with your loved ones can make the adventure even sweeter. Traveling with your friends and family might require making adjustments to your travel plans, and traveling with pets is no exception! 

Pet owners understand that having a furry best friend often means putting their needs ahead of your own and making compromises in order to ensure their health and happiness. Luckily, it’s not impossible to embrace life on the road with your pet by your side, you’ll just need to make some adjustments to trip preparation and itineraries. If you’re thinking about bringing your furry companion along during your next trip, then we’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks to have a blast with your animal best friend.  

Preparing Your RV for Traveling With a Pet

Luxury RVs are often full of dazzling features that maximize the comfort and enjoyment of time spent on the road – at least, for humans anyway. While our pets will likely also enjoy heated floors, powered awnings, and spacious living areas, there are some pet-specific upgrades to consider to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. 

Before you explore the latest in pet gear and technical items, you’ll want to prepare your RV for a four-legged traveler. Pet proofing your space before you travel will give you peace of mind that your animal companion won’t accidentally hurt themself while on the road. We recommend securing cabinets and drawers that are low to the ground to prevent unwanted snooping. You should also remove any items that could harm your pet, like toxic plants, and make sure that all food items are stored out of reach. 

If you’re looking to purchase an RV for want to upgrade your existing RV, pay close attention to the temperature control units. Top of the line climate control systems will keep your pet comfortable during your travels, and some units can even be controlled remotely if your pet needs to stay behind in the RV at any point during the journey. 

In order to maximize your pet’s comfort, consider creating a designated pet area inside the RV for them to lounge in. This space can house their bed, water and food bowls, as well as any toys or enrichment items. 

When you’re packing for a trip, make sure to bring your pet’s identification and documentation items in case anything happens. In addition to adequate food and water, we recommend bringing their favorite toys and other comfort items so they feel at home in your motorhome. 

Ensuring Pet Safety While on the Road

Pet owners have a lot of responsibilities, but ensuring their pet’s health and safety is easily the most important. By making a few easy adjustments to your travel routine, you can keep your pet safe no matter where the road takes you. 

It’s important to have a trusted pet restraint system in your RV to protect your pet while you’re on the road. In the event of an accident, a restraint system like a crate or cage can be the difference between your pet’s life or death. Make sure to purchase one that is designed specifically to handle the speed and force of an automobile accident. 

Another way to keep your pet safe while on the road is to integrate short breaks into your schedule. Breaks are a great way for your pet (and yourself!) to go to the bathroom and stretch your legs during a long drive. Staying active while on the road is even more important with a pet passenger, so make sure to work in opportunities for long walks or romps at a dog park. 

Luxurious Destinations that are Pet Friendly

Ready to hit the road with your furry best friend? Consider these luxurious destinations that have plenty of activities for humans and pets to enjoy:

  • Normandy Farms Campground. This camping destination is nestled in the woods between Boston and Cape Cod. In addition to a robust fitness center, private yoga classes, a bike park, and a disc golf course, this fun-filled campground has a dog park for your pet to enjoy. 
  • 4 Paws Kingdom Campground and Dog Retreat. This scenic spot in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains is the ultimate destination for dog lovers, with multiple off leash parks, a doggy bath house and grooming station, an agility park, and numerous hiking trails. Don’t worry, they have plenty of amenities and activities for humans too!
  • Lake George RV Park. Lake George RV Park has a fun-filled Bark Park for pups to play in, and its location provides easy access to the Adirondack Mountain hiking trails. 

No matter where you end up, you’ll have a great time exploring a new area and making memories with your pet.