Have questions about selling your RV? We can help! Give us a call, send us a text or an e-mail with any questions you may have.

Are you a listing service?

We ARE NOT a listing service. We are a broker. The motor homes that we have on our website are hand-picked and frequently come from referrals, friends, and past customers.

How will you sell my motor home?

There are two primary ways that we can sell a motor home. We can retail your motor home and get you a qualified private buyer. We also have a nationwide network of dealers that buy motor homes. We will find the dealer that will give you the highest price.

What types of motor homes do you typically have in your inventory?

Our inventory includes Class A, B and C motor homes and bus conversions.

How do you get paid for your service?

We determine a fair and industry competitive flat fee with the seller based upon the specific requirements of their sale. The seller only pays us upon the successful sale of their motor home. Nothing up front and no payment if we don’t sell the motor home.

How long does it typically take to sell a motor home with you?

We have a proven track record of fast inventory turnaround. Often, we can make the sale happen, from “soup to nuts” in a week or less. It depends on price, condition, options, location and market competition.

If I sell my motor home how do I get paid?

If a private party buys your motor home, they will pay you directly. We will facilitate the transaction for both parties to ensure a successful conclusion. If you sell your motor home to a dealer, they will pay you directly when they collect the coach. Very simple and very safe.

Will you help me stage my motor home for sale?

Yes. We will walk you through the process which includes getting high quality pictures to us (sometimes we can use our own photographer), editing and arranging them to best “show off” your motor home and then writing the copy for the ads themselves. We are here to help manage the process and make it as easy for you as possible.

How long does it typically take to buy an RV from you?

We buy and sell diesel Class A, Class B, Class C and bus conversions.

Do you work with trade-ins?

Yes. We are happy to facilitate trade-ins through our nationwide dealer network.