Working from Your RV: Five Tips to Combine Work with Fun

motorhome workDo you like to combine your passion for traveling with your job? Not a problem! Your quest for liberty may start when you hit the roads. The luxury of working from your home-on-wheels is not in the rig you are traveling, but how you strike a work-life balance. Here are five tips to blend work and fun while traveling:

1. Prepare a Work-friendly Route

Whether you are a fulltime RV-er or traveling during the weekends, you need to get your job done. Prepare an itinerary that accommodates both your travel and job needs. When work is challenging, think of a route that brings you closer to business amenities such as a free Wi-Fi or overnight shipping stations. Do you like to promote your services to passersby? Come up with a travel plan offering maximum sales opportunities at expos, fairs or other events. Include some tourist hotspots such as scenic landscapes, campgrounds and delicious eateries to keep you amused on the go.

2. Create a Suitable Workspace

Design a clean and dedicated workspace to help you work comfortably. Create a suitable workstation that includes all your work items. Stay organized to work efficiently and remember to get rid of excess paper. It will only add more to the clutter. Before you hit the roads, convert all your paper documents into the digital format.

3. Ensure Web Connectivity

Be a smart RV-er to make the most out of free Wi-Fi while traveling. However, also invest in a trustworthy internet service that offers 24/7 connectivity. Tired of work? Take a break and listen to some foot-tapping music on the internet or catch a Hollywood blockbuster.

4. Plan a Work Schedule

Whether you are in an office cubicle or passing by a cascading waterfall, you need to work to pay for your RV-ing lifestyle. So, prepare a work schedule with designated work hours to complete specific tasks. Enjoy a guilt-free leisure time once you are done.

5. Carry a Printer

Carry a portable printer to meet your printing needs on the go. Invest in an inkjet device. It consumes little power and you can replace the ink easily.

Whether you’re a remote employee or self-employed, it’s easy to mix business with pleasure from the comfort of your motor home. Get the best of both worlds. Make work fun.

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