Why You Must Carry a Portable Ladder on Your Next RV Trip

RV Portable LadderYou may not need many things while RV-ing, but there are a few stuffs you just cannot travel without. These include your gadgets, toolbox, kitchen appliances, few electrical devices, and so on. Other than these, do not forget to carry your portable ladder every time you plan to go on a long journey. You may think it is useless because it takes too much of space. But to tell you the truth, a foldable ladder can be an excellent tool to make your road trip comfortable. Here are some of the ways in which you can use RV folding extension ladder for your trip.

Cleaning RV

Your RV needs proper cleaning and regular maintenance, even while you are on the road. A portable ladder can help you to climb up the roof and fix minor problems up there. You may not be able to reach the windows for cleaning. A ladder can help. You can even rinse the windshield properly.

Bike Rack

There are many ladders that can be used as bike racks in your RV. Such ladders are hooked onto the steps of the rear ladders and it can carry up to two bikes. Bike rack ladders also have adjustable padded holders to avoid excessive movements while driving.

Shade Stand

Think of a situation when you have parked your RV under a tree and you have opened the roof vent for ventilation. Every time the fresh air enters your RV, it brings along leaves and other debris inside your vehicle through the vent of the roof. A ladder can act like a stand for the shade above your RV, protecting it from unwanted trash.

You will come across a number of folding ladders in the market. Make sure the one you choose is made of material like aluminum. A light ladder is easy to carry. And don’t forget the portable feature because you do not have too much space in your RV.

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