Have you decided to sell your RV and maybe get a new one? Or perhaps you’ve experienced all the road adventures you want to.  Whatever the reason, you’ve made the decision to sell your current RV.  Now you need to decide whether or not to sell it on your own or with a little help from a dealer or broker.

We recommend the latter, and we speak from experience.  Selling your RV to a broker like Motor Home Finders eliminates all of the hassle, shortens the sales cycle, and puts cash in your hands much faster than you can by selling it yourself.  Dealers typically prefer trade-ins, and typically won’t give you top dollar for your RV.  Plus, they’ll take just about any RV in trade.

Instead, we carefully hand-pick all the RVs that are in our inventory so our buyers (many of whom are repeat buyers) trust us to only offer the very best RV in its category.  If we make you help you sell your RV, you can rest assured we are fully aware of its value and our ability to find it its next owner.

So how do we get top dollar for the RVs we sell?

We have a multi-part process for ensuring we only offer the best of the best.

Step 1: Assess Your RV’s Value

Before we buy your RV, you need to know its worth. So, our first step is to do our research and find out what similar models are currently selling for. This will give us  both a good idea of what we can realistically expect to get for your RV and guides us in crafting an offer.  We use our 30+ years of experience to price your RV fairly and accurately.

Step 2: Establish a sales price.

Once we know what it’s fair market value is, there are other considerations we consider when establishing the sales price for your RV.  These include:

  • Make and model. We have waiting lists of potential buyers looking specifically for Tiffin, Newmar, Winnebago, Entegra, and American Coach/Fleetwood models.
  • Year built
  • Condition. Was your RV ever smoked in?  Did you travel with pets?  Was it stored in a garage or under a cover?
  • Mileage
  • Mechanical features and options
  • Interior appointments
  • Technical specifications
  • Repairs or upgrades 

Step 3:  Market your RV

Once we have a signed agreement, our marketing team springs into action.  We take care of all the marketing and advertising of your arrange, including arranging for photographers, writing ads, including your RV in our online inventory, and fielding all calls and inquiries for you.  We have a process we follow when listing your RV that mimics and actual in-person tour, using professional photography of all the selling points of your RV.  It’s not uncommon for us to have a library of 30 or more images that put your motor home in its best light.

Step 4:  Sell your RV

Once we’ve found a qualified buyer and get an agreement on price, we work with both you and the buyer for any cash or financing requirements, all title transfer details, and the preparation of all closing documents.  The types of RVs we contract to sell don’t last long in our inventory.  We can typically sell your motor home in four weeks or less.

The best part is, we make selling your RV worry free.

Because we take care of everything from start to finish, you can relax and know your RV transaction is in good hands.  We have a proven track record for selling newer Class A, B and C motor homes and work tirelessly to get you top dollar for your coach.  We are compensated for with a fair and industry competitive flat fee upon the successful completion of the sale.  You pay nothing up front and pay us nothing in the rare event we can’t sell your RV.  It’s a win-win!