There is an old joke about how one woman’s idea of the ultimate camp-out is a weekend at the Ritz Carlton.  But that lady would be quite comfortable in today’s luxury Class A motor homes.  With a bucket list full of features, it’s easy to see why some people opt to live in their RVs full time and in many cases, RVs are even more luxurious than brick and mortar homes.

In this post, we take a look at some of the most luxurious, and dare we say, decadent features of high-end RVs like the ones we sell at Motor Home Finders.

A hot feature—heated floors.

Walking across a cold tile floor in the morning in your bare feet on your way to get your coffee is often a person’s first wake-up call of the day.  Heated flooring is common on many Class A RVs not only because are they designed to offer the best features, but also they are most able to handle the increased weight that comes with it.  Heated flooring serves a purpose other than just helping your feet avoid the temperature shock on a cold morning, they also help evenly disperse heat throughout the RV.  That is opposite how normal furnace vents function.  Also, there is typically very little maintenance required to keep heated floors working at their toasty best.

Residential appliances.

Anyone who’s ever had to light a small propane refrigerator in a smaller RV knows how inconsistent they can be in keeping everything at a constant temperature.  In higher-end RVs, their overall length and size makes it easy to accommodate residential appliances.  Not only can you store more food and drink, but they make the kitchen appear more homelike as well.  Other highly sought after appliances include induction cooktops, full-size dishwashers, and individual washers and dryers.

Elegant, spacious bathrooms.

That’s right, bathrooms is plural.  In many Class A models, there is both a guest and a master bath.  These can also contain showers with multiple showerheads, and even bidet toilets.  Plus, the thrones are typically porcelain like you would find in at home.  Many baths feature double sinks, ample storage, and some even have both tubs and showers.  Better yet, whether you’re setting up for camping or stopping to refuel, you’ll always have a clean, beautiful bathroom to use anywhere you take it.

Actual granite and tile.

Faux granite and vinyl tile have no place in luxury RVs.  Most Class A motor homes have real granite countertops and real tile floors and backsplashes.  These upgrades are typically only found on Class A units simply because of the weight they add to the overall coach.  Towable RVs often have a limited carrying capacity compared to gas and diesel pushers, so they can easily lug around the extra weight.

Lane assist and dynamic cruise control.

While a nice feature to have in a car, dynamic cruise control and lane assist can be life savers when driving a 30+-foot coach.  Dynamic cruise control allows you to set your speed, and the engine will adjust based on the traffic conditions you’re experiencing.  This allows you to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, giving you plenty of room to stop if needed.  Likewise, lane assist can enhance your safety on the road.  This helps you avoid drifting into the other lane or infringing on the dividing lines.

Powered awnings and window shades.

With just a press of a button, Class A RVers can extend awnings and often even raise and lower window shades.  In many models, this can also be done from an app on a mobile device.  If you’ve ever struggled with manually setting up an awning or forgot to lower the blinds to keep out the morning sun, being able to do it from the palm of your hand is a luxury indeed!

Security cameras.

Most people think of camera monitoring systems as a way to protect your valuables.  There is that benefit, and you can remotely keep an eye on your RV while you’re out exploring.  Some can actually record data and auto back it up to an online database in case you need to access older footage.

But security cameras can come in handy when driving, too.  Not only do they help reduce blind spots when changing lanes, they can also assist when backing into a campsite.  Many record while you’re driving too, which can be helpful if you’re involved in or witness an accident.

Retractable televisions.

Many luxury RVs have high-tech systems that retract the TV into the ceiling or a cabinet space when not in use.  Since space is a premium commodity in most RVs, this not only frees up space, but also gives the interior a cleaner, sleeker look.

On-demand water heaters.

Is there anything more luxurious than never running out of hot water?  We think not.  Most Class A motor homes feature on-demand water heaters, which gives you an endless supply of hot water.  Plus, most of these types of rigs can carry about 100 gallons of fresh water, so even boondockers can enjoy a long, luxurious steamy shower while unplugged from the rest of the world.

Large generators.

The most luxurious Class A motor homes have massive generators.  That allows them to power multiple air conditioners and residential appliances while in use.  The larger the generator, the more items you can power at the same time and the easier it is to recharge your battery bank.  This is not only good for those camping off the grid, but it’s also quite convenient for those trips where the weather keeps you inside for several days at a time.  Some units even allow you to turn the generator on and off with your smartphone or tablet, making controlling power incredibly easy.

Live luxuriously wherever life takes you.

At Motor Home Finders, we specialize in selling gently used, low mileage, like-new late model Class A RVs, and have a large and ever-changing inventory of hand-picked units to choose from.  Whatever your definition of luxury, we can help you realize your RV dreams.