Traffic Laws for RVs

RV Traffic RulesAn RV isn’t a regular run-of-the-mill car, and neither are the traffic rules governing it. So, if you are planning to buy a motor home, here are a few traffic laws you need to know.

Lane Usage

Unlike the other cars on the highway, an RV cannot take up just any lane of its choice. The RV drivers must always use the right lane. In case the highway has more than four lanes, then the vehicle must take the extreme right lane. Your RV can use the other lanes only while taking a turn, passing or going on or off the highway.

Trailer Light

If you bought a trailer to make your journey more exciting, then here is another traffic rule you need to remember while driving. Usually, the weight of a trailer forces the RV headlight to move upward. This might have a blinding effect on the oncoming driver, causing a collision. Therefore, you need to keep a note on the alignment of the headlight. Failing to do so might attract a penalty.


Consider this: you park your RV at a parking lot and go away to spend the night at your friend’s place. A weekend party, maybe. When you come back, a ticket stuck on your rig greets you. Surprised? The police must have made a mistake because you had parked your RV at the perfect place, right? Wrong. You made the mistake. Many residential neighborhood homeowner associations allow only a short-time parking, but they deny permission for overnight stay. So, it is better to check the rules against parking RVs when selecting the stops for your road trip.

It doesn’t feel good to start a journey with the highway patrol right at your back. So know the rules of the road and drive safe.

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