Tornado Coming – What Should RVers Do?

Tornado AlertWatching a tornado on the television is scary. Now imagine what it is like for people caught in one. Quite certainly it is an experience you will never like to live again. You can always avoid a bad weather by driving away, but you cannot take that challenge when tornado hits a region. So, if you are planning to pass through such an area where there is a chance of tornado, here are some of the things that you need to do.


If an area has received a tornado alert, you need to get full details about it because the warning signals may differ in different locations. Keep yourself updated constantly regarding the approaching storm. The local radio and television will inform about the constant changes. If your area has received warning or a tornado has been cited look for a shelter.

Plan Survival

It may happen that you received the warning signal through the radio; your immediate step will be planning a survival strategy. Find out the closest locality and change your route, even if it is taking you to another direction. Don’t think your RV can outdrive or outrun a tornado that’s headed your way. Check out if there is any storm shelter and run for safety. If you are travelling in a group and any of the RVs are trailing behind, inform them about the weather and plan a meeting point after the storm gets over.

Tornado Signals

What if your radio fails to work or the mobile network is lost? How will you know about the tornado? You will already know the weather is bad because of the thunderstorm and the dark or greenish sky. Other than these, you have to understand the symbols of tornado like the swirling clouds, large hails and strong sounds of thundering.

Don’t take the risks that an action hero takes in a movie. Turn your RV to the closest safety zone and stay inside until the weather is safe for driving.

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