What class of RV is right for my family?

Those of us who love the outdoors and the quiet serenity of a state or national park, often also love having the comforts of home close at hand. The first RV, the Pierce-Arrow’s Touring Landau, was introduced in 1910 at Madison Square Garden. Other manufacturers took advantage of the expanding market quickly thereafter. By the 1920s, RV parks were beginning to crop up all over the country. The ever expanding market for RVs continues today as many people prefer to camp instead of stay in hotels.

The major difference between a motor home and a travel trailer is basically the self-contained nature of the motor home versus the dependence of the travel trailer on a towing vehicle. A motor home is also easier to park and setup than a travel-trailer.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Class C RVs

A Class C RV has a distinctive space over the cab of the vehicle that makes this class easy to recognize. The Class C is actually built on what is known as a cutaway van chassis. This means the entire front of the vehicle is the same general construction and appearance as a van or pickup truck. That means that the RV has all the safety features of a normal vehicle. These RVs include many of the amenities of the larger class, but in a smaller space. Some of the newer Class C RVs include “slide-outs” which can increase the overall living space of the RV. See Class C RVs.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Class B RVs

A Class B RV is the most compact drivable RV. They include many of the amenities of the Class C RV, but are much smaller. They are self-contained and have a slightly stretched full-size van appearance, though the roof is raised to accommodate creature comforts. This class is probably the easiest to drive and park since it is simply an oversized van. See Class B Motor homes.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Class A RVs

The Class A RV is the largest RV classification and usually has a body similar to a bus. These RVs are spacious and can be much more luxurious than the other classifications of RVs. The amenities of a Class A RV are almost limitless because of their design and size. They are also the most expensive of the RV classifications because of the extra living space and amenities.

Many people prefer the Class A configuration because it is most like a rolling house. The feeling of openness and easy access to the living space gives most Class A RV owners a more homelike feel to their RV. See Class A Motor homes.

Overall, you should give a lot of thought and spend a lot of time researching the proper class of RV that fits your needs. Those who wish to spend a lot of time on the road would do well to consider the Class A for its larger living space and increased amenities. Motor home Finders can help you determine which class and model of motor home fits your anticipated needs, as well as get you the best price for your trade-in RV.

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