Towing a Car Behind Your Motor home

Motor homes are great for traveling, but when you want to get out and explore your destination, sometimes having a car is much easier. That’s why many RVers choose to tow a car behind their RV. When purchasing a motor home, we can help you determine how best to tow your extra vehicle and what equipment you may need. Towing a car can be relatively easy and is definitely something to consider when planning your trip. There are three options when towing a vehicle behind a motor home, each with their own pros and cons.


Using a flatbed trailer or an enclosed trailer is one way to tow your car. An enclosed trailer can be useful if you plan to bring other large items, such as bicycles or kayaks, with you on your trip. This method is the gentlest for your vehicle, since there is no wear on the tires, but is also the most expensive. Another issue to consider when using a trailer is that RV parks may charge extra to provide space for your trailer.

Tow Bar

Conversely, the tow bar, also called a flat tow, is likely the least expensive way to tow your vehicle, as well as the easiest. This method keeps all four tires on the road while it’s being towed, which allows the tires to wear evenly. However, this type of towing does wear down tires more quickly. The tow bar will usually fold up well enough to be stored inside the RV so you won’t have to worry about finding a space for it. Note: Not all cars can be towed using a tow bar, so make sure to check with your vehicle’s manufacturer before attempting this method.

Tow Dolly

The third option for towing your vehicle is a tow or car dolly. This option is a middle of the road option, as far as price. A dolly will be less expensive than a trailer but more expensive than a tow bar. A tow dolly will lift the front tires of your vehicle off of the road while allowing the rear tires to remain on the ground. Unlike the tow bar, the tow dolly will cause your tires to wear unevenly, which means you will need to rotate your front tires to the rear and vice versa.


Each option has its benefits so choose what suits your situation the best. No matter which option you choose there are a few things to remember when towing a vehicle; 1) always check brake and signal lights before heading to your destination with a vehicle in tow, 2) never try to back up with a vehicle in tow and, 3) always make sure that the tires on your vehicle are in good condition.

Looking to buy a motor home but you aren’t sure what is the best fit for your car? Call Motor home Finders and we can help you determine the best fit for you!

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