Top 5 mistakes people make when selling their motor home

Your motor home is likely to be one of the bigger items you sell in your lifetime. Any mistakes that are made could end up costing you greatly. However, mistakes can be avoided with a little forethought. Some common mistakes that motor home seller’s make include pricing too high or too low, not advertising effectively, showing to unqualified buyers, ignoring needed repairs and going to a dealer.


Pricing your preowned RV correctly is imperative. A price that is exorbitant will scare away possible RV buyers and a price that is too low could cost you thousands, or even make potential buyers think there are hidden problems. Knowing the Fair Market Value of your used motor home is the first step to ensuring that you price it properly. Motor home Finders will assist you in determining the best price to list your motor home by researching current prices for your type of RV, as well as look at current listings of similar preowned motor homes in your area. Utilizing the expertise of a broker like Motor home Finders is the first step in the right direction when it comes to selling your motor home or RV.

Getting customers to find you

After you have settled on a selling price, you will need to advertise. Not advertising in the right places is a common mistake. Effective advertising will get your ad seen by thousands of motor home buyers, but if you do not advertise in the right places your ad may only be seen by a limited audience. The more people your ad reaches, the better opportunity you have to sell your luxury motor home at a premium price. Motor home Finders advertises across the country, in national ads and local venues, in order to get your motor home in front of the right potential buyers, saving you money, time, research, and the headache of dealing with classified ad placement and responses.

Qualified buyers

The third mistake an RV seller can make is showing to unqualified buyers. You’ve priced your recreational vehicle correctly and managed to advertise effectively, but how do you know who is really qualified to purchase your motor home? You can set up many showings only to have financing fall through or, worse yet, spend valuable time showing to tire-kickers. When you use Motor home Finders to sell your motor home, we prescreen buyers to make sure they are qualified and aren’t wasting your time.


A common fourth mistake is ignoring needed repairs. You may feel that a burned out light bulb or a small tear in seat fabric is not a big deal and does not need to be repaired before showings, however, these small things could be important to potential buyers. Knowing what buyers look for and what shouldn’t be ignored will put more money in your pocket. Motor home Finders advises you on what repairs should be completed in order to walk away with the best sale possible.

Going to a Dealer

If you are thinking that you’d like to avoid the mistakes above by just going to a dealer, you could be making the costliest mistake of all. A motor home dealer could cost you thousands. Selling your RV to a dealer will rarely be the best deal for you and consigning with a dealer could result in months of you maintaining a motor home you don’t have access to.

An easy way to avoid all of these mistakes is to use the RV brokers at Motor home Finders. We help you price your used RV competitively, advertise effectively, qualify potential buyers, advise on needed repairs and much more! For a flat fee, Motor home Finders saves you time, hassle and sanity!

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