Top 5 mistakes people make when purchasing a used motor home

If you are considering purchasing an RV, a preowned motor home is the way to go. A brand new motor home loses much of its value in the first year and that depreciation can almost never be regained. There are, however, mistakes that can be made when buying a used motor home as well.

Buying the wrong type of motor home

Your luxury motor home should fit you and your lifestyle. Take into consideration how long you like to travel. Do you vacation for a week, a month or a year at a time? Where do you like to travel? Mountains? Beach? How many people usually travel with you? All of these things need to be considered when finding the right used RV for you and your family. If you buy a preowned motor home that is too cramped, too difficult to drive or doesn’t have enough living space, you might be faced with going through the process all over again or owning an RV that you never use. Motor homes are personal spaces, so check out different layouts and living arrangements to see what fits your travel lifestyle before making a purchasing decision.

Buying a motor home that wasn’t properly cared for

Regular maintenance and care for your motor home, like any other vehicle, can extend the life of your vehicle and boost performance. If not cared for properly, there are many things that can be damaged. Make sure you do a full inspection of any motor home you are considering buying; don’t just take the owner’s word for it. Some things to look out for when inspecting potential preowned RVs are water damage, rust, sun damage on interiors and old tires just to name a few.

Buying from a dealer

Used RV dealers can be a lot like used car salesmen. They may try to convince you to buy a used motor home that isn’t right for you are your lifestyle, just because they need to sell it. Dealers are selling to make a profit; they aren’t always in it to help you find the perfect preowned motor home at a great price.  Consider using a broker, like Motor home Finders, to help you find the motor home you want with the benefits of a private sale.

Buying a poorly made motor home

If a motor home is made with inferior materials, it will not last. When doing your inspection of a potential motor home make sure to notice the quality of the materials and workmanship. A poorly made motor home can come at a low price but will ultimately not last. Sometimes spending a bit more is necessary for a quality home away from home.

Not being knowledgeable about current prices

If you do not know the Fair Market Value of used motor homes you will likely end up paying too much. You could also fail to notice if a used RV is priced suspiciously low, which may indicate there are serious problems. Being knowledgeable about the current market is a must when buying a used RV. Motor home Finders can help you determine what is fair market for the type of RV you are trying to buy, taking into consideration the RV brand, year, layout, mileage, and upgrades in the specific motor home, making sure you get a fair price on your purchase of a preowned motor home.

You are not alone!

Motor home Finders is here to help you navigate your purchase of a preowned RV. We will help you avoid these common mistakes and make sure you get the luxury motor home of your dreams.

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