RV Life Tips

Buying or selling a motorhome can be an overwhelming experience if you don't know what you are doing. Here are some helpful topics to consider during the purchasing or selling phase.

Uses for Your RV When You Aren’t on the Road

So you are the proud new owner of an RV that you found through Motor home Finders! Congratulations! If you are not a fulltime RVer then there might be plenty of times when your RV will sit in your driveway or wherever you happen to store it. Why not take advantage of the extra space and make the RV work for you? After all, you are still paying for it, even when you aren’t using it out on the roaFind out more

What class of RV is right for my family?

Those of us who love the outdoors and the quiet serenity of a state or national park, often also love having the comforts of home close at hand. The first RV, the Pierce-Arrow's Touring Landau, was introduced in 1910 at Madison Square Garden. Other manufacturers took advantage of the expanding market quickly thereafter. By the 1920s, RV parks were beginning to crop up all over the country. The eveFind out more

Towing a Car Behind Your Motor home

Motor homes are great for traveling, but when you want to get out and explore your destination, sometimes having a car is much easier. That’s why many RVers choose to tow a car behind their RV. When purchasing a motor home, we can help you determine how best to tow your extra vehicle and what equipment you may need. Towing a car can be relatively easy and is definitely something to consider whenFind out more

Selling your motor home because of illness, loss, or financial reasons

Traveling in a motor home is like no other travel. It allows you to go where you’d like and still have the comforts of home. RV traveling is a great hobby and way of life for many people. Most people that purchase motor homes do not do so with the thought that they will one day have to stop traveling. Unfortunately, the day will come when you will stop traveling in your luxury motor home, for onFind out more

Top 5 mistakes people make when purchasing a used motor home

If you are considering purchasing an RV, a preowned motor home is the way to go. A brand new motor home loses much of its value in the first year and that depreciation can almost never be regained. There are, however, mistakes that can be made when buying a used motor home as well. Buying the wrong type of motor home Your luxury motor home should fit you and your lifestyle. Find out more

Top 5 mistakes people make when selling their motor home

Your motor home is likely to be one of the bigger items you sell in your lifetime. Any mistakes that are made could end up costing you greatly. However, mistakes can be avoided with a little forethought. Some common mistakes that motor home seller’s make include pricing too high or too low, not advertising effectively, showing to unqualified buyers, ignoring needed repairs and going to a dealer.Find out more

Top 5 things people forget to stock on their new motor home

Stocking a motor home for the first time can be quite the learning experience. Once you’ve purchased your new-to-you motor home, it’s difficult to know exactly what you’ll need if you have never been RVing on your own before. Creating a packing list is a great way to make sure you don’t forget things like clothes, food, linens and toilet paper, but what about items you might not think abouFind out more

Using a Broker: Advantages of buying your motor home from a broker

There are many avenues to purchasing a used motor home, including private seller, dealer and motor home broker. In general, choosing a motor home broker can give you an advantage in finding a great deal. Utilizing a broker to find a mortgage, insurance or a home is commonplace. Using one to find your home away from home should be no different. A motor home broker works for you, using their resourcFind out more

When is it Time to Sell your Motor home?

Most motor homes are purchased with the intention of using them for years to come and in most cases that is what happens. However, sometimes life’s unexpected twists and turns put you in a position to use your motor home very little or maybe not at all. This can happen for a variety of reasons including illness, lack of time or change in life plans. Whatever the reason, having an RV that just siFind out more