A Few Tips to Make Your Mountain RV Trip Safe

Safe RV Mountain TripThere is nothing wrong in being adventurous! We all love mountain trips. How else is it going to be fun and exciting? But, before driving up to the narrow and possibly slippery roads to a mountain, you need to check and re-check your motor home performance. No point in being hasty and facing an uphill battle when your motor home isn’t delivering 100 percent. What to check? Well, here we have compiled a list of things that you need to consider before making your ascent.

Know Where You Are Going: If you are an experienced motor home traveler, then you probably have adopted a habit of getting acquainted with the location you are traveling to beforehand. If you are new to this, then spend some time gathering information about the mountain roads. Knowing about extra narrow paths, where to stop, and where to fill up, can save your time and avoid lots of problems.

Check Your Power Band: Climbing up the mountain can be easy for your motor home if it is operating under its own power band. Wow that’s cool, but what is a power band? Well, it is the range of operating speed and if followed carefully, it can protect the engine from exhaustion and offer tremendous pull on the road. Since pull is what you need to climb up long stretches of road it is wise to stay within the power band.

Check Brake, Transmission, and Tires: Not just during the ascent or decent, you even need good tires and great brakes to park your motor home on a slant. So, check the tread of your tires and examine the brakes before starting the trip. Fill up the transmission and brake fluids to keep the engine running smoothly and improve grip on the road when you need it.

Be Safe on Unpaved Roads: Generally, mountain roads are paved and maintained carefully unless there is a natural hazard at play. But, if you are planning to enjoy the scenic beauty of unpaved roads, then drive slow (as there will be less traction). Also check the local weather and only travel when it is safe to do so.

Make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and take frequent stops to keep your nerves calm. Mountain RV-ing can be quite an exciting experience, only if you follow a few safety measures. So, keep these suggestions in mind and make your motor home trip a blast.

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