Tips and Tools for RV Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving is best spent with family, no doubt about it, but celebrating Thanksgiving in a National Park, making yourself at home in your RV might be a close second. (And if your family is with you, it’s easily number one!) The only hitch might be the food prep, especially if you are making a meal for more than two people. Although most of the Class A motor homes have top-notch kitchens that make RV cooking a breeze, Thanksgiving is a holiday that requires a lot of preparation, and the space limitations of even the best RVs can make this a time-consuming, stressful task.

Luckily, there are tips and tools that can make this easier and reduce the stress on you. Here are a few:

Tips for RV Cooking this Thanksgiving

Cook Ahead: Make as much as you can ahead of time and store it in your fridge. This is best done with desserts and other items that aren’t as dependent on freshness for flavor, like the cranberry sauce.

Go outside: Take advantage of your big backyard! Most RV parks have picnic tables that you can use to set your Thanksgiving feast, as well as grills that can be used to cook up some yummy sides without taking up precious stovetop space. Try grilled veggies as a side option! Besides, some turkey prep options like deep frying are best done outside. As an added bonus, you’ll cut down on the heat buildup inside your RV, keeping it a cool place to retreat when the cooking and eating are through.

Buy a bird: Controversial, we know. But if all else fails, a store-bought turkey might just fit the bill. You can provide the home-cooked touch when it comes to sides and desserts, so no need to feel guilty.

Useful Tools for RV Thanksgiving Cooking

The Instant Pot: For those with RV cooking aspirations, regardless of how big your motor home’s kitchen is (and some of the vehicles in our inventory have impressive kitchens), the right countertop tools can be a huge stress reliever. Consider the Instant Pot, a small, easy-to-use countertop cooking contraption that does it all when it comes to pressure cooking: sauteing, slow-cooking, baking, steaming. Thanksgiving prep is a great excuse to add it to your repertoire.

Propane stovetop: Even if your motor home has a high-end induction stovetop like many of our models, Thanksgiving requires so much cooking that another set of burners may be needed. If that’s the case, you can get an awesome little Coleman stovetop for as little as $40. These run on propane—perfect for outdoor RV cooking!

If you’re ready to try a full-on RV Thanksgiving, there’s no need to fear! These tips and tools will help you make it the best Thanksgiving ever! And your Class A luxury motor home from Motor Home Finders is the perfect place to host.


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