There’s nothing like a constant flow of soulful (read sinful) good food and drinks while vacationing on-the -wheels. However, tossing up delicacies on the go is not an easy task; more so if your motor home’s cooking space is cramped. Fret not, as you can treat yourself to a royal spread on the road, if you create a fab kitchen inside. Wondering how? Try these smart hacks below:

Pack Smart

motorTo figure out what you must take on board, consider your day-to-day cooking routine – what and how often you eat, how much raw material you need each day. This tells you what’s indispensible for your kitchen, and what you can do without. If its toast and eggs with a hot cuppa that gets started for the day, then a toaster and a coffee maker are things that you cannot leave behind at any cost.

Meanwhile, you could always ditch your pasta maker for an instant pack of the Italian delicacy because too many big appliances will only make your small motor home kitchen more cramped. Do away with complicated equipment that calls for intensive cleaning rituals as you don’t want to be wasting your time dusting and rinsing while on a vacation that’s supposed to be a relaxed retreat. To churn up some easy meals, just ensure that you pack the following:

• A couple of frying pans
• Slow cooker
• Hand-held mixer
• Large soup pot
• A set of sharp knives
• Grater, peeler, apple corer
• Spoons and spatulas
• Coffee maker
• Vacuum sealer
• Can opener

Hoard Smart

Make the most of your RV refrigerator that may not be as big as the one you have in your sprawling condominium, or your oven that may not allow you bake a great chunk of ham. Even your countertop will come in form of a narrow workspace. The key here is to pan your meals in advance. One-dish, hassle-free meals are the way to go, when it comes to cooking in an RV. Buy veggies, breads, spaghettis or noodles from local vendors, on the way. Make sauces and salsas in advance and refrigerate them for future use. In addition, pack marinated meats and chickens in zip-lock bags. This will let you make the most of your miniscule pantry.

Stash Smart

A galley-style kitchen in your motor home can teach you a thing or two about space optimization. Use rectangular plastic containers to hold grains, sugar etc and tubular containers for holding your spices. They stack better, weigh less and would not roll over as you put your RV in top gear. Advanced menu planning is vital for your gourmet’s success, so instead of stocking up on recipes by carrying books, store them in digital formats, or pin a few sheets on the door of one of the kitchen cabinets.

Culinary satisfaction is one of the vital aspects of a great vacation experience. While, our tips will help you create a fab kitchen and rustle up lip smacking food in a jiffy, it is also important to play safe. Shun everything that come cheap, and invest in appliances and gadgets that are manufactured specifically for RVs, instead. Bon appétit!

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