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5 Reasons to be in the Lake Placid in the Winter

the Lake Placid in the Winter

If it has been long since when you have taken a tour in your RV, this winter is high time to plan a trip and what could be better than vacationing at the serene Lake Placid? There are reasons why the combination of Lake Placid and winter has become so popular among tourists. Would like to know why? Here you go –

Be a witness of Winter OlympicsBeing a two time host to the Winter Olympics, Lake Placid offers plenty of winter sports for the real deal Olympians as well as for the mass. So if you are a sports enthusiast and yearn to awaken the dormant Olympic champ in you, start prepping your motor home for a trip to this snow-covered paradise.

Taste Freshly Crafted Brews – If you are in Lake Placid during the winter, you get to taste freshly brewed beer. By taking a tour of the local breweries, you get to choose the beer of your preference from an amazing range of styles and types.

Savor the Mountain Cuisine – Whether you are a foodie or not, the delicious mountain cuisine of Lake Placid is going to impress you for sure. Right from the comfort food and the staples to the all-you-can-eat-buffet, you can find everything in this scenic vacation spot.

Get that Adrenaline Rush – It’s needless to say that if you are in Lake Placid during the winter, you get to live through probably the most amazing skiing experience of your life. Winding down the extremely vertical drop will surely give you that adrenaline rush, for which you have been waiting since long.

Walk Through Canyons – Behold one of the USA’s most spectacular canyons  at High Falls Gorge and appreciate the jaw-dropping plunge. Located on the northeastern side of Lake Placid, this canyon can be accessed through Route 86. For more adventure, park your RV by the roadside and take some easy hikes along footpaths, winding through the woods to see some of the country’s most dramatic waterfalls.

Well, these are the top five reasons why you need to be in Lake Placid in the winters. Make sure your RV is in top notch condition so that you don’t have to face any unwanted hassle during the journey. If you are looking for an upgrade before starting the trip, get in touch with us here.