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Choosing The Perfect Washing Machine For Your RV

Washing Machine For Your RV

When you’re traveling on the road for a long time or camping, you start missing the simple creature comforts. RV owners are exempt from the rule though, as a rig is basically a home away from home. And depending on the available space, you can install different kinds of appliances to make your lives easier and more convenient. Take, for example, a washing machine. Now, when you’re thinking about purchasing a motor home, a washing machine may not be a priority; in fact, it might’ve skipped your mind altogether. However, you’d be surprised at just how an RV equipped with a washer and dryer can save you from running one of the most boring chores – doing laundry —  on the road. A reliable  RV washing machine will give you access to your personal Laundromat 24X7. If you crave that convenience, keep the following information in mind:

Types of RV Washing Machines

You will find three main variants in the market:

  1. Portable RV Washer and Dryer
  2. RV Washer and Dryer Combo
  3. RV Stackable Washer and Dryer

Each of these models can again be divided into two categories viz. vented and non-vented.

  • Vented: Vented RV washing machines dry clothes using the room air. You need to drill a hole to accommodate the exhaust vent of these appliances in your motor home.
  • Non-Vented: When drying your clothes, non-vented machines increase the temperature of the air inside the drum. While effective, a lot of time and water is required to get the job done.

Portable RV Washer and Dryer

You will find both manual and electrical portable models in the market. While they don’t hold much laundry, they are great if you are working with a limited amount of space inside your RV due to the compact design. What’s more, they consume a minimal amount of electricity and are also quite water-efficient.

RV Washer and Dryer Combo

A popular choice among motor home owners, these machines use a single drum for washing and drying clothes. They can easily switch between operations without any user input. They can fit small spaces comfortable and are easy to use. Both vented and non-vented models are manufactured.

RV Stackable Washer and Dryer

If you have a large family and typically have to do a lot of laundry on a regular basis, this is the washing machine for you. They have an impressive load capacity and can dry and wash clothes simultaneously. These vented units help dry your clothes quickly without using any additional amount of water.

If you take long trips in your motor home, you should know how important it is to have an easy-to-use and functional washing machine. Choose the perfect model from the three basic types of RV washers and dryers described above.  And if you are contemplating an RV upgrade and need additional assistance in buying a rig, feel free to contact us here.