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What To Look For When Buying A Used Motor Home


You should look for the same things we focus in on here at Motor Home Finders when stocking our hand-picked inventory.

1. Was it parked? Look for a newer model with low miles. While a ten-year-old motor home with 20,000 miles or less on the odometer might seem like a real find, but ten years of limited use can lead to all kinds of problems. The worst thing for any mechanical equipment is to leave it unused.
2. How was it stored? Was it garaged, or parked out back? Parking a motor home on grass, rather than on blacktop, results in moisture being wicked up into the rig, literally rusting it from the bottom up. One parked out in the sun risks a faded, chalky exterior, bleached upholstery and brittle plastic details.
3. Is the interior clean? The same rules to selling a home apply to selling an RV. If someone hasn’t taken the time to detail the unit before offering it for sale, they probably haven’t maintained it very well while in their care as well.
4. Did they have pets? This is a tricky one. We all love our pets, but if the owner isn’t extremely diligent about keeping their RV clean and keeping their pets from destroying furniture and flooring, then it can devastate an RV’s value.
5. Is there rust underneath? If the frame is still black like it was when it rolled out of the factory, then it was stored properly. A thick coating of rust says otherwise.
6. Check the engine and transmission. If you see any sign of red fluid leakage between the engine and the transmission could mean a leaking seal. If that seal’s not replaced before you head out, you could be looking at a blown transmission and that could cost you a fortune to repair.
Better yet, just give us a call. We’ve already done all the legwork for you!


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