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Gifts for RVers

MHF RV with christmas lights








So what do you get the RV’er who has practically everything, or so it seems. After all, they’re enjoying a luxurious diesel coach with all the bells and whistles. But there are a few practical items any RV’er would appreciate. Here’s our list of the top five:

  1. The Camco 22424 Water Bandit. Every get to a site and the water spigot isn’t threaded or in the best condition? The Bandit attached to any standard faucet and is available from Amazon.com for just $4.30. An inexpensive gift, but a real lifesaver if you need water from a damaged spigot. This makes a great stocking stuffer.
  2. Also from Amazon.com, consider giving the 2014 Good Sam RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory. There are over 14,500 locations listed across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and the only print edition of RV parks and campgrounds in North America. Retails at $20.62 for the paperback.
  3. A crock pot. Fixing up a crock pot meal before hitting the road and letting it cook while you drive is a great idea, and you’ll have dinner ready when you stop for the night. Here’s a tip, put it in the sink to prevent it from sliding around.
  4. The Little Red Campfire Portable Firepit and Stove. Again, it’s Amazon.com to the rescue. The Little Red Campfire burns standard LP (propane) and is RV campground approved. Sturdy lid and security latches make it safe and easy to transport. Available for $114.97 with free shipping.
  5. Pre-paid gifts for RV families. These gifts truly don’t take up any space. Think Wal-Mart and Costco gift cards, or movie passes, or even passes to national parks!


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Cool gadgets to use on your next motor home trip

motorhome gadgets

Looking forward to see the best of the US landscape? Then maybe it’s time to go RV-ing. But what about staying connected to the Internet, updating your social profile with some cool check-ins or calling up someone? We know what you need: a few cool gadgets. Read on to know just what..

Cell Signal Booster

Carrying a mobile hotspot is no guarantee that you’ll always remain connected on the go. If you are camping in some of the far-flung locations in the US, even the best mobile devices fail to provide a strong signal. A cell signal booster will act as the savior during all such times.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Gone are the days when you used to carry a music player with cassettes and CDs. Leave your CDs at home and listen to your favorite numbers on your portable music device. Listen to some great music on your next vacation via wireless, rechargeable Bluetooth speakers. Carry them wherever you want. Get outstanding sound quality in an affordable package.


Few motor homes have space to accommodate hardcover books, paperbacks or magazines. But you can ditch the old school rules and go for ebook readers. These are lightweight, easy to carry and maintain. Some even come with in-built light which makes reading super easy any and every where. In short, it is a very hassle-free alternative especially when you are out RV-ing.


The one thing that you need to buy right after you have bought your motor home is a GPS that is meant specifically for the RVs. Take it from us, your regular cell phone GPS won’t work. This is because you do need to know a lot of details such as tight corners, weather warnings, and bridge heights that the GPS on your phone won’t be able to provide. Some even come with a backup camera.

The first step to a successful RV adventure is staying prepared, and gadgets greatly help in that. Choosing the right ones can make your vacation a lot more fun. So which gadgets are you planning to carry on your next motor home trip? Let us know.