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3 Great Florida Beach Towns to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

3 Great Florida Beach Towns

Well, the New Year has already come and you must have welcomed it with a lot of zeal! After those fireworks have been burnt, those fried lobsters have been eaten, and prayers have been said, if you are still in the celebration mood, we can tell you about a wonderful way to extend the fun well into the first month of the year – go RVing. This winter excursion will give you an exhilarating head start and strong reasons to squeeze out time from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your friends and family. And when you begin the year on such a positive note, its effects are bound to resonate throughout the year, keeping you full of beans. Morning shows the day, doesn’t it? However, before you hit the road,   you must check the condition of the RV thoroughly, and also plan your itinerary well. If you are new to the world of RV-ing, January is not the ideal time for you to head to the now snow-covered north. The south, on the other hand is full of amazing beach destinations that will help you to get right into the party mood, and in case, you are in a dilemma and can’t decide on the destination, we can tell you about three most happening beach towns in Florida:

St. Pete Beach

If you would like to indulge in a grand party, you should be in one of the clubs or shopping and entertainment centers that dot the vast coastline of St. Pete beach.  Just park your motor home in a nearby RV park and come to spend the evening in the lobbies on one of these bustling hangouts and soak in the live music. Of course, a sumptuous buffet and an open bar will be there to add to your spirit.  What else do you need to be in the cloud nine?

Grayton Beach

If you are craving for a unique kind of holidaying experience, visiting Grayton beach would be quite a nice experience for you. Take the scenic Highway 30A to enter the region. With its own style of barefoot cafes, microbrewery and beach cottage, Grayton beach has its own charm. Whether you are up for thrill-filled activities like biking or hiking or you would like to go for a short wildlife tour, Grayton has everything in store for you.

Panama City Beach

With its turquoise waters and vast sandy beaches, Panama City Beach is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Florida.  All the RV parks in or near Panama City Beach offer the best of the both worlds – a lot of holiday festivities for adults,  and indoor as well as outdoor entertainments for your kids.

Driving down to any of these beach towns of Florida in your RV is surely going to be a relaxing experience. If you are planning to upgrade your RV to ensure a fun-filled and hassle-free trip, visit us today and we promise to provide you with some of the best possible deals.