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Be the life of the party at your RV campground this summer.

Most RVers are highly social creatures. We love meeting new people, seeing new places, and experiencing new adventures. Now that the summer travel season is upon us, here is one way you can bring the fun to your doorstep and be the life of the party while on the road, while you get your neighbors in on the fun.

Throw a progressive dinner.

MHF 2015 Tiffin for blog postIf you drive an RV like this beautiful 2015 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP (now reduced in price and available for viewing here: https://motorhomefinders.com/rvs/2015-tiffin-allegro-bus-45lp/ ) you have the perfect place to host one leg of a progressive dinner.   During a progressive dinner, each participant takes one of the courses, and guests go from RV to RV to sample everyone’s culinary genius.

You can theme a progressive dinner any way you’d like—whether it’s a Mexican fiesta or a Cajun throw down, progressive dinners are the perfect way to share the work and also the fun. For example, a romantic theme makes sense if your party is scheduled mid-February, as does a Cinco de Mayo theme around the fifth of May. Or you could ring in the New Year with your mobile party.

A theme that centers on a geographic location may simplify a few of the planning decisions. If you select Italy as your theme, the wine, food and decor all seem to fall into place. Plan on at least a three-hour evening, in order to allow for 45 minutes to an hour at each stop.

Here are suggestions for potential courses:

  • Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails
  • An appetizer course
  • A first course such as soup, salad or pasta
  • The main course including side dishes Cheese, fruit and nuts
  • Dessert

Here are a couple of dinner themes that can get the fun started:

Around the World.

Have each participant choose their favorite place and favorite recipes for their stop. The first stop could be appetizers from Italy—bread, bruschetta, cheese, and sparking wine. Then it’s on to China where you can be served fried rice, egg rolls and orange chicken, and wash it down with some Tsing Tao beer. Then it’s on to Switzerland for decadent molten chocolate lava cakes and a sifter of Grand Marnier.

Tour The Mediterranean

Start with a humus dip, a brick of feta and some kalamata olives, made even better with a nice shot of Ouzo. Then it’s on to your next stop for a chopped Greek salad and a Heineken (a favorite beer in Greece). Move on to another RV for Mousaka or Spanakopita, washed down with a glass of Assyrtiko, a popular Greek wine made from grapes grown on Santorini Island. Top it all of with Baklava and a shot of Metaxa, a cognac-like blend of brandy, spices and wine.

Use your imagination, and above all, have fun! Choose décor touches that match the theme and be open to trying some new taste sensations!