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Reasons Why Many RV-Ers Head to Year-Round Campgrounds

Being a full-time RV-er is a lot of fun, but constantly moving from one site to another often gets hectic. This is why a common trend among full-time RV-ers is to  park in year-round campgrounds. But staying in one place for many months – that sounds horribly expensive, doesn’t it? This is a common concern among many RV enthusiasts. The truth is, if you plan carefully and make smart decisions, year-round campgrounds cost less and offer a more convenient lifestyle. If this is something that interests you, feel free to take a look at the reasons why many RV-ers prefer to visit year-round campgrounds below:

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Booking a spot in a year-round campground means you no longer have to move from one campsite to another. This allows you to curb your fuel usage and you end up making a smaller footprint on the earth.

Healthy Lifestyle

When you’re camping outdoors all year long, you become accustomed to a healthier lifestyle than before. The fresh air in the campgrounds does wonders to your mental and physical well-being, and it’s often a welcome change from being inside a camper for extended periods. That’s not all – many year-round campgrounds offer luxury amenities like heated swimming pools where residents get a chance to exercise. They can also join water exercise classes. Another common form of exercise in year-round campgrounds is bicycle riding. Since residential campgrounds have lighted pathways, the roads stay safe, and residents can ride bikes during the evening.

More Savings

As mentioned above, year-round campgrounds help you cut down on your RV fuel consumption. Less fuel means more savings, and you can spend this money on other necessities. Moreover, as you won’t be using your RV too much inside the campground, it will cause less wear and tear on your vehicle. Some sites even charge less during the off-season.

The Human Connection

Yours won’t be the only RV in the campsite; there will be other vehicles as well. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know new people, and if everything goes well, forge lasting relationships.

Year-round campgrounds have a lot to offer aside from scenic landmarks and the beauty of Nature. This is something full-time RV-ers won’t find anywhere else, and it is well-worth your time. Life of an RV-er is full of fun and adventure. Thankfully, we can hook you up with some great deals on various RV models. Get in touch with us today.