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How to Store RV Covers After Use?

RV Cover

Your RV is your home away from home, which means that like a normal house, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. The problem is, a motor home, especially if it’s a class A or a luxury model, can grow up to enormous sizes, which means you will have to put in a bit of extra effort to keep your investment safe and clean. This is why an RV cover is such an important accessory. Not only do they safeguard your vehicle against snow and slush during harsh winters, but they also act as a protective buffer against leaves, twigs, and mountains of pollen during springs and summers. But one question that perplexes newbie RV-ers is, how do you store RV covers after use? Find out below:

Cleaning the Cover

Before you start thinking about storage, you need to give the RV cover a good and thorough wash to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and dust. The right way to do so is to place the product on a large, flat surface, and use a garden hose to rinse it down. You might be tempted to do the job using a pressure washer, but that is not recommended as you risk damaging the cover extensively. It might take you longer to clean the cover using a hose, but at least you guarantee the safety of the cover.

Next, mix mild soap and water in a bucket, and apply the solution to your RV cover using a soft brush. Once again, rinse the cover using the garden hose, and let it dry completely. Make sure that no moisture remains trapped in between the folds as this quickly turns into a breeding ground for mildew or mold.

Storage Options


Storage Bag

Once you’re done, try storing the washed and dried cover in the original storage bag it came in. Most of them are made of good quality materials and prevent any moisture from damaging the RV cover.

Larger Bag

In case you’ve lost the original storage bag, or you’re having trouble cramming the cover back into it, you can always opt for a larger, breathable bag. These are normally used for storing sails but if they accommodate your RV cover, then why not!

Plastic Trash Can

If all else fails, there’s always plastic trash cans. Use one to store your RV cover. When opting for this method though, you’ll have to modify the bin slightly and include breathing holes so that no moisture remains trapped inside. You could even drill tiny holes on the surface of the bin or cut out sections and replace them with a heavy fabric screen.

You need to store the RV cover properly so that you can use it again. Where you store the product depends on the size of the cover, which in turn is dictated by the dimensions of your vehicle. So, make sure you purchase the cover only after you’ve bought your motor home. If you’re in the market for one, we can get you some incredible deals on used motor homes. Check them out here.