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RVing Essentials

If you are new to traveling in your RV, chances are you’ve noticed some of the challenges of taking home on the road. Even trips in the most luxurious motor homes require careful thought and planning, as well as a steady supply of helpful tips from RV veterans. With that in mind, consider making these road-tested purchases before the next time you head out.

Break-resistant Dishes

MHF break resistant dishes

You’ve loaded up your cabinets with cups, bowls and plates for the trip, and all is peaceful as you pull out of the lot. All of a sudden, the rattling begins, increasing in volume as you increase in speed. Sound familiar? Many first-time RVers experience this issue, and the only thing worse than the noise is the worry that your dishes might fall and break. Consider buying some break-resistant dishes, like Corning Corelle brand, and acrylic cups. They are difficult to crack and they are lightweight, helping you reduce your overall load. Additionally, consider lining your cabinets with non-slip padding so that your dishes don’t slide around.


MHF crock pot

While we are on the subject of the kitchen, consider purchasing a crock pot. This handy device cooks delicious meals while you make the long drive to your destination. Once you reach the campground, turn it on before you go out exploring and come back from a day of fun to a hearty meal. It’s easy to use, and even the simplest recipes turn out delicious.


MHF bike

When it comes time to explore your surroundings or make a run to the store, a bicycle is hard to beat in terms of utility. Instead of uprooting your entire set-up, ride your bike to the trailhead. Not only is it easy, it’s healthy, and you might just find the same joy you had riding a bike as a kid.

Before your next trip, do some research. Search online for tips, or ask someone you know who has been traveling for years. You’ll be happy you did.