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Keeping Your RV Mom Happy this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! You’re welcome for the reminder. We’re celebrating all of those super-cool RV mothers out there with some tips to help you keep mom happy on family RV trips. Because we all know: if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

RV Kitchen Care

Is there anything mom hates more than a dirty kitchen? There are many easy solutions to clutter, like spice clips that can be installed on the inside of your cabinet door. In fact, anything that maximizes the efficiency of an RV’s limited cabinet and counter space is bound to keep mom happy. Keeping the countertops uncluttered and the cabinets well-organized has the added bonus of making the RV much safer when moving. Loose items and brakes don’t mix

Don’t forget the sink, either. Regularly sanitize the sink in your RV kitchen. You’d be surprised how much gunk and n

astiness can build up overtime, and keeping mom from having to wipe any runny, sick noses is sure to help her enjoyment of the trip.

RV Bathroom Care

Keeping the bathroom clean will also keep mom happy. With such a small size and such heavy use when the whole family is on the road, it’s bound to get gross quickly. Be careful to use cleaners specially designed for RV surfaces when cleaning it up. Not only will these special cleaners get the bathroom sparkling clean, they won’t do any damage to the fixtures or surfaces in the bathroom, or to your tanks once disposed of. Just a little bit of attention daily can make all the difference, too, instead of letting all the grime pile up into a mess that makes mom want to yank out her hair in frustration.

RV Floor Care

RV floors handle a lot of foot traffic on roadtrips, and those feet are often coming from a campsite where plenty of dirt is available to be tracked in. With neglect, an RV carpet can become stained, and that’s bound to make mom mad. Help her out by regularly vacuuming the carpet, and if stains are already present, consider the gift of a steam cleaning to refresh the look of the whole interior. You can also help keep the floor clean and make it last by wiping your feet, and using a wet mop in addition to the dry broom on any tile surfaces as often as possible. 

Dusting the RV

RVs are awesome for exploring the great outdoors, but the great outdoors has a way of getting indoors. For the sake of everyone’s noses and mom’s sanity, dust the interior of your RV every 2-3 days while out on the road using a microfiber duster that won’t spread the dirt around. 

A little bit of effort from the rest of the family goes a long way. Moms are great at handling things around the house and around the RV, so much so that we often take their hard work for granted. Your family can show mom your appreciation by sharing in the responsibilities around the RV, resulting in a happy mom and a more comfortable roadtrip environment for everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the cool moms out there living the RV lifestyle! May the open road be always before you and a loving family be always at your side!


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