How to Survive an RV Trip With a Kid?

RV Trip with Kid“Are we there yet?” Only parents who have shared a car with kids on a long road trip can tell you how maddening the impact of this one innocent question can be, especially when the little ones keep repeating it every few minutes! There is more though, the suddenly perked up appetite and their corresponding tantrums at not getting the treat they fancied. Indeed, RV-ing with kids can be trying for those parents who are clueless about how to handle bored kids.

Headed for your maiden road trip with kids on your newly bought motor home? Here are the tips that will let you add to the fun and cut back on stress:

Start Early and Strictly Keep to the Schedule

Children generally have no difficulty sleeping in a car if it corresponds to their normal schedules. So, start in the wee hours of the morning when they would already be sleeping. Carefully strap them into their car seat and hit the road. You will be able to cover a good deal of distance before they wake up.

Make Sure They Feel Comfortable

Kids typically draw comfort from familiar things, be it a pair of socks or their favorite pillow. So, dress them in something they enjoy wearing, and don’t forget to carry a couple of prized toys.

Plan the Seating Wisely

Make squabbling siblings sit apart from each other. That way, it will be a bit less stressful for the parent behind the wheel.

Stock Up on Snacks

Healthy snacks – a lot of them – are what should top your packing list. A steady supply of (low sugar) goodies is a great mommy-tested way to make time fly by peacefully. Pack cakes, nuts, raisins and cookies, and electrolyte water.

Think Beyond the Rest Stops

Avoid conventional rest stops. The crowd there will only add to your little one’s stress level. Instead, opt for local parks. Some playing around in the fresh air and a brief stint with swings and slides can go a long way to pacify kids.

Keep Them Entertained, Keep Them Busy

Kids just love to hear stories. Upload some of your kids’ favorite recorded-books in your tab or smartphone. You can also download some storytelling apps or some cool games designed for little kids.

Stick to a Routine

While spending the nights at RV parks, keep to your kid’s standard bedtime routine. You will find a happier child in the morning.

Looking forward to a great road trip? It’s all about chalking out a game-plan well in advance. So, check out our tips and enjoy a smooth ride with your family.

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