Summer’s Here! It’s Time To Get Your RV Ready For The Road.

MHF SUMMER-RV-CHECKLISTOwning a motor home is a lot of fun, but it does take planning to keep it properly stocked, maintained and ready for adventure. Here are eight tips for getting your “home away from home” fresh as a spring day and ready for summer travel plans.

1. Get your interior ready for occupancy. Open all the windows and vents to air it out. Flush out your water lines. Add a tank cleaner and freshener to your grey water system. Make sure all your appliances are in good working order.
2. Remove lingering odors. If your RV is stored all winter long, there might be some lingering smells air out won’t eliminate. Simply place charcoal strategically throughout and let it absorb the odors. Be sure to use a brand that doesn’t have lighter fluid already on the briquettes.
3. Take care of your awning. At many pull-through parks, shade is at a premium. A little TLC will keep it shading your summer fun for years to come. Be sure to check it for holes, and lubricate all moving parts.
4. Protect your slide edges with a pool noodle. Have you ever banged your head on the edge of a slide while camping? It can leave a mark! You can affix a pool noodle to the corner and outer edge simply by cutting down the noodle lengthwise, and wrapping it around the frame.
5. Check your batteries. When the mercury rises in the summer, so does the stress level on your batteries. They can discharge faster and need more fluids, too. Be sure to check fluid levels often.
6. Give your generator the once-over. Change the oil and replace the filter just like you would with any other engine. Life in an RV without a generator is no fun.
7. Be ready for Mother Nature. Make a plan for how you’ll deal with inclement weather. It’s a good idea to grab an elevated campsite away from trees if possible. And always keep a well-stocked emergency kit with extra water, non-perishable food and other personal necessities including medications.
8. Last but not least, remember your neighbors. Living in close proximity, even when you’re out in the wilderness in a luxury park, requires patience and understanding. Better yet, it’s a great way to meet wonderful, like-minded people. Be sure to introduce yourself to your neighbors at every stop, and you might just make friends for life.

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