Solving Scary RV Questions

If you’re a newer RV owner, the whole thing might seem scary. Buying an RV is a big investment in a big vehicle, and it can seem like a tricky switch from a compact car to a hulking home on wheels.

Luckily, there are many resources online that can help you figure out how to manage your RV and avoid scary situations. In this article, we will point you towards some detailed answers to common RV questions that keep newbies up at night.

How am I going to drive such a huge vehicle? What about blind spots?”

What’s scarier than a blind spot? Even in smaller cars, your blind spot can cause devastating accidents. Driving a large vehicle like an RV makes changing lanes high-octane nightmare fuel because your blind spots can cover a lot of space. Never fear: there is a solution. There are ways to aim your rearview mirrors for maximum effect. This article will arm you with the mirror-orientation skills you need to make frightening blind spots a thing of the past.

“How do I protect this large investment?”

Costly RV repairs can be scarier than any horror movie. Avoid encountering these monstrous break-downs by keeping up with regular maintenance. Follow a schedule or checklist to avoid a horrific experience at the mechanic’s shop. Here’s a good list to get you started:

Furthermore, don’t take unnecessary risks in your motor home. If a natural disaster is coming, get out of there. Avoid driving through standing water. Pay attention to the road. And avoid narrow roads and sharp turns that put you at risk of crashing or getting stuck. Speaking of that…

“How do I avoid troublesome roads?”

When you travel on unfamiliar roads, there’s the potential to encounter narrow lanes, dramatic hills, low clearance, and sharp turns. Finding yourself stuck on a treacherous route is any RV driver’s worst nightmare. To face this fear, consider using a GPS system designed for large vehicles, which will help you plan a route that’s easy-peasy. This article reviews and ranks several of these systems so you can find one that works for you:

There are many more scary RV situations you can find yourself in, but they all have one common solution: be prepared. Do your research and consult RV owners with more experience by interacting on message boards, following blogs, and watching YouTube videos. There are a lot of awesome sources from motor home experts, and with some time investment and a willingness to learn, you can be one, too!
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