Safety Tips for Parking an RV Overnight at Casinos

RV Casino ParkingOvernight RV parking is something that most of the travelers fear when they hit the long highways. On one hand, when most of the states discourage it at interstate rest areas, there are many shopping malls that deny permission to park overnight, in spite of being a 24 hours center. Usually, parking facilities available in these places are closed at the end of the business hour, which means the RV-ers need to leave the place accordingly. A truck stop is an excellent place to park; but if you are not early, you may have to hit the road once again.

So, where to park your RV during an overnight journey?


Yes, right! These are open 24/7 and hence, the authorities prefer to offer its customers free overnight parking facilities with security stationed all the night. But if it is still bothering you to leave the rig in the parking space, here are a few safety tips you can follow.

  • Of course, the casino will let you park all night, but double check the information. This will save you from sudden last minute changes. Have a word with the security and ask where he wants you to park the RV.

  • Some casinos allow you to stay in the parking lot; but if you are planning to crash for the night, the security may ask you to pull into their campground. This can be a fee-pay campground, but under constant surveillance. So clarify this facility before parking.

  • Do not misuse the facility you are being provided. Respect the rules and park within the designated perimeter of the lot, without taking excess space. Restrict your activities inside the rig because casinos are usually crowded. So, do not abuse the property.

  • Try not to extend the span of parking, even if it is free. In case you do that, the authorities may tow your vehicle away.

Free parking does not give you the discretion to disobey the norms. Enjoy the convenience of casino parking and stay within your limits. You wouldn’t want to do anything that might spoil your otherwise perfect motor home trip.

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