RVing and ‘Going Green’ for St. Patrick’s Day

March is the month of green, thanks to St. Patrick’s Day. What better way to celebrate than by “going green” during your RV trips? For the RV adventurer seeking to be more environmentally friendly, we offer these tips for “going green” in your motor home.

The easiest way to go green in your RV is to stay on top of maintenance. A tuned-up RV (and tow vehicle) gets better gas mileage and releases fewer toxins into the air from exhaust fumes. Make sure you know your vehicle’s maintenance schedules and visit your mechanic before any major road trips so you won’t have to worry about any sputtering from your engine.

Installing solar panels is a common move when “going green.” Over 20% of RV owners use a solar panel to power some of their on-board systems, reducing their consumption of electricity from the grid in a passive, easy way. Do you? Several of the RVs available in our inventory have solar panels already installed, so that you can get started using the sun for clean energy while out camping.

Some of the fixtures in your motor home can be replaced to improve efficiency. Try switching out any incandescent or fluorescent bulbs for LED bulbs, which consume less energy and last longer. An added advantage: LED lights are often made to be durable and shatter-resistant, which is perfect for RV trips that occasionally cause things to get tossed around. Another fixture that can be replaced to help you “go green” is your water faucets. If you find yourself using up more water than necessary, try out low-flow faucets, or an aerator that fits on your current faucets. While a low-flow shower is no fun, the sink might be the perfect place to save a little water.

Disposable cups, plates, and utensils are convenient and save you the time of washing, but they are one major place that RV travelers can consider for improvement while trying to “go green.” Bring some plastic or shatterproof glass alternatives instead of making more waste. While washing these can be a drag, just know that minimizing your trash output is helping to make a difference.

Many of the chemicals frequently used to clean gray/black water tanks are actually very harmful to the environment. They have toxic, often even carcinogenic, properties. Try switching to an enzyme-based solution instead. You tank will be just as clean, and so will your conscience.

Finally, when you think “green,” undoubtedly you think of recycling. To make it simple, keep a second place for trash on your RV and only use it for recyclables. On an average trip, you probably won’t fill up more than a bag or two, easily disposed of. Even if the campground doesn’t have a receptacle for recyclables, many local grocery stores do, so you can easily find a spot to drop them off wherever you are.

These are just a few simple steps you can take to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this month by “going green” in your RV. These are good habits to get into whether on the road or at home, and you can feel happy knowing you’ve helped make a difference, however small.

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