RVers have a lot to be thankful for.

MHF RV'ers toastingThanksgiving is here, the time when we get together with friends and family and share a meal. But there is more to Thanksgiving than that, hopefully. It is a day when we are encouraged to reflect on the things we enjoy about life, and how blessed we are to have them.

While certainly family, friends and food are at the top of the list, we RVers have a lot to be thankful for from our time spent on the road, as well. The RV lifestyle gives us unparalleled freedom, the ability to go where we want, and do what we want. Whether that time is spent visiting loved ones or seeing the beauty that our great country has to offer, we can be thankful for time well spent.

We can also be thankful for the friends we meet on the road. Every stop brings with it new people and new adventures, and the memories made are something to be thankful for. Even if you’re just grateful for the satellite TV in your RV that lets you watch Thanksgiving football, take the time this holiday to reflect on the things you enjoy most about your RV lifestyle.

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