At Motor Home Finders, we’ve learned a thing or two (or 200) about buying and selling a used luxury RV.  In this blog post, we guide you through what to consider when buying a used motor home, and offer some valuable tips and advice to help you along your buying journey.

What to look for

The most obvious things to notice first are the year the RV you’re looking at was built, its overall condition, and how many miles it has on it.  At Motor Home Finders, we do a complete bumper-to-bumper review of every RV in our inventory and look at everything from drive trains and tire condition to kitchen size and interior appointments.  No detail is too small to overlook when you’re investing in a luxury RV.

Here are a few more things to inquire about:

How was it stored when not in use?  Was it garaged year-round, or did it just have a cover on it to protect it from the elements?

Were the previous owners smokers?  That can affect not only your enjoyment of an RV, but also its resale value if not thoroughly detailed to remove any odor.

Did the previous owners travel with pets?  While this is extremely common among RV’ers, it can affect the condition of the interior.  A whopping 65 percent of RV’ers travel with their dogs and most are very responsible in keeping up after their pets.  But there are a few who do not, so pay special attention to the condition (and any odors) you might encounter in an RV that has had more than one pet traveling in it.

How have the standard features been enhanced with upgrades?  For instance, you might find a Sony living room center with LED TV, DVD players and a full Bose surround sound system comes standard.  But the previous owner might have also opted for a big screen built-in to the outside of the coach, along with a kitchen that can pull out from the basement for easy outside entertaining.  Likewise, there might be other options to note, like top-of-the-line pillow top mattresses, heated tile floors, or solid wood cabinetry in oak or cherry.

You also want to consider how you’ll use your RV.

If you’re a weekend warrior taking short trips to RV parks close to home, then a smaller size might suit you.  But if you’re planning on living in your RV either full time or for many months out of the year, it’s your home on wheels and you’ll want as much room and creature comforts as possible.  Likewise, if your RV is also your home office, you’ll need to make sure it can accommodate the tech you’re going to need to function, such as Wi-Fi systems, solar systems in case of power outages, and work spaces that don’t have to do double duty as living spaces.

Still having trouble choosing the right one?

We can guide you toward an RV that’s not only a sound investment, but one that will fit your needs like a glove.  Just give us a call at 888-783-4009, drop us an email at, or start browsing our ever-changing, select inventory of gently used luxury RVs at