There are steps to take to make sure you get the most money out of your RV sale. You want to ensure you get at least the fair market value, if not more!

Clean Your RV.

Walking into a dirty, lived-in RV will make it hard for potential buyers to imagine living or vacationing in that space. Make sure the rig is fully detailed before you start showings. Even if you decide to go the dealer route, tidying up the RV is going to help get the best price possible. Ensure no space is forgotten from the bathroom toilet and shower to the basement storage area and exterior. Get a wash and wax that leaves the rig shiny. Make sure the roof is top notch with rubber roof cleaner. Even clean your freshwater tank with a cleanser and deodorizer.

Fix what’s broken.

 Whether you use your RV part time or full time, you know that things break. Even with a new rig, you’ll find things like screws go missing or finishing fixtures break. Before listing your RV for sale or handing it off to the dealer, fix anything that is broken. Call your RV manufacturer for assistance with parts or find a custom option that works. If you are looking to save time and effort and plan on selling to a dealership, they can take care of fixes for you but remember: this will bring down their offer price.

Check the mechanics and systems.

In addition to making sure everything is good to go from an aesthetic standpoint, you also need to make sure everything on the inside is running smoothly. If you are selling a motorhome, fix any major mechanical issues. Remember, you aren’t just selling an RV, but also a vehicle. For all campers, take care of concerns with systems including the furnace and AC unit, water pump and water heater, pipes, and holding tanks.

Don’t forget your upgrades.

If you’ve made any upgrades to your rig, you’ll want to ensure those are in working order and accounted for in your asking price. Perhaps you upgraded to lithium batteries and installed a solar system. On the private market, make sure the price you list at includes those items. If selling to a dealership, they may be hesitant to offer more for upgrades and modifications.

How to determine what your RV is worth. 

 To determine what your RV is worth, check its MSRP and NADA value. When using the NADA guide, make sure to account for all features, amenities, and upgrades. If there are issues with the rig, lean towards the low retail value, and if the condition is good, lean towards the average retail price. Remember, you can always ask for less but not more!

When is the best time to sell your RV?

January, February, and into early spring is the best time to sell your RV. This is when online RV sales peak. Listing your RV for sale towards the beginning of the peak selling time is best. Into the winter and through the holiday season is the least desirable time to sell.

Can you sell your RV without a title?

If you’ve lost your RV title, you’ll need a new one to sell it. Each state has different requirements to obtain a new title but having the bill of sale and the VIN is a good place to start. Contact your local DMV for exact requirements and steps to take to get a new title for your RV.

Eliminate the stress.

No matter the reason you are selling your RV, or the outcome you are hoping for, it can be a stressful event. Just determine which path to selling is right for you and do the work. Also, know if one approach doesn’t work, you could try another. If your rig sits on the private market longer than anticipated, try enlisting the services of a broker.  A motor home broker can handle all the details of the sale and closing for you fast and efficiently.