RV Tips

Buying or selling a motorhome can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know what you are doing. Here are some helpful topics to consider during the purchasing or selling phase.

All about Prevost

The Prevost (pronounced pray-voh; the -st is silent) motor home company came to fruition in 1924 when Eugene Prevost, a cabinet maker, was asked to make a custom body for a truck chassis. His creation was a hit and he was approached by others to do the same for them. —   Click to Learn More

American Coach: Style and Innovation

American Coach began its journey in 1987 in Decatur, Indiana as a company called Fleetwood. From their first manufacturing facility in Decatur came the very first Fleetwood Limited. —  Click to Learn More

Guide To Winnebago

he name Winnebago is synonymous with recreational vehicle travel in America. The name alone conjures up images of cross-country travel with loved ones, having a good time making long-lasting memories. — Click to Learn More

Holiday Rambler Motor Homes

The Holiday Rambler company got its start in 1953 and they have been producing luxury coaches ever since. In 1961, Holiday introduced the aluminum body frame. This led to RVs that were lighter and stronger. —  Click to Learn More

How To Live The RV Life

Does the RV Life seem a little unorthodox to you? Well the estimated 1.3 million Americans who are full-time RV’er probably thought that at one time as well. So how do you make the leap from the run-of-the-mill to life on the road? Here are some quick tips to help you let go and get going! —  Click to Learn More

RV Life 101

So you have chosen the RV Life and decided to hit the open road. You have probably spent many a late night talking about all the places you want to see and the trips you are planning to make. —  Click to Learn More

RV Life: Is It Right For You?

Does the open road call to you? Do you see yourself traveling across the country one day? Do you want to see the great outdoors, while still experiencing the comforts of home? —  Click to Learn More

Selling Your Current Motor Home To Find A Better RV For You

As a first time motor home buyer, you may not know exactly what you are looking for. You may be unsure of what size motor home you will need or how the layout will work for you. —  Click to Learn More

Tiffin Motor Homes: A Family Business

Tiffin Motor homes was started by Bob Tiffin in 1972. That year he built the first Allegro. But 1972 was a tough year to start an RV company because of a national gas crisis. Fortunately, Bob had learned from prior family businesses that if he built something well and had superior customer service that the customers would come. —  Click to Learn More

Upgrading And Selling Your Motor Home

Have you ever looked around your RV and wished you had more living space? Have you ever been RVing and wished you had a larger kitchen? —  Click to Learn More

Customer Testimonial

A sincere thank you to Motor Home Finders in assisting two novices in the sale of our motor home. Their counsel during the entire process was key to eventually completing a deal that met the needs of both buyer and seller. They were with us by phone as we worked through the closing process, providing the bill of sale and assisting with the wire transfer. They stayed with us until the transaction was successfully completed.
John Oakland

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