RV Life: Is It Right For You?

Does the open road call to you? Do you see yourself traveling across the country one day? Do you want to see the great outdoors, while still experiencing the comforts of home? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then the RV Life may be for you. Does this sound like an infomercial yet? Well, sometimes asking the right questions can lead us to the right answers.

Think RV Living is a joke? There are an estimated 1.3 million Americans who are full-time RV’ers. Many live in luxury RVs that are actually nicer than most people’s homes. Most are of retirement age and thus are free to enjoy the splendor of the United States’ geography and landscape in ways they previously could not.

What are the benefits of RV Living?

Some of the benefits of RV Living are the same as living in a luxury apartment, except you are mobile and are free to change your location at the drop of a hat. Get tired of the neighbors or simply wish to see more of this glorious country, and you can hook up and move on to greener pastures.

If you choose to stay at one of the nicer RV parks, they often have swimming pools, laundry rooms, and game rooms. Sometimes the park may have special events or celebrations, depending on the time of the year. If you prefer the great outdoors, there are state and national parks that service RVs all across the country.

A slide-out is an additional living space that “slides-out” either by hydraulics, electricity, or manually, when the RV is setup for camping. Slide-outs are extremely helpful in turning a once small space into a large living area. Some of the more expensive RVs come with three or four slide outs, which add square-footage to the entire living space. A bedroom slide out is probably the most desired slide out of all because RV bedrooms are notoriously cramped, a stereotype that is has little truth to it in most luxury motor homes.

Other amenities include not having to worry about outside chores, no lawn to keep cut, and cheaper electric and water bills. Oh, and best of all…no land/property taxes on the RV.

What are the drawbacks to RV life?

So what are some of the drawbacks? Well, depending what class of RV you purchase, space can become an issue. Some of the smaller RVs are cramped, but the larger classes of motor homes are like rolling houses and are packed with the comforts of home.

Although the bigger classes of RVs can be larger than some people’s home, they are rolling houses and can take time to learn how to drive and maneuver. Anyone not used to driving an 12-wheeler might take a while to get completely comfortable driving their new RV.

Most of the RV drawbacks can be overcome with enough sense and the proper motor home broker, like Motor Home Finders, to match you with the perfect motor home or RV that fits your desired lifestyle.

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