RV Life 101

So you have chosen the RV Life and decided to hit the open road. You have probably spent many a late night talking about all the places you want to see and the trips you are planning to make. Your RV is sitting in the driveway, waiting to be loaded up and driven into the sunset. For many first-timer RVers, the questions of what to take and how much to take can be difficult to decide. Some suggest that you hold your first RV trip in your own front yard. The goal: not to go inside the house for the entire weekend. If you have to go inside for something, put it on the list of essentials before you make the first trip down the road.

Important RV Amenities

The three most important conveniences of an RV are power, water, and sewage. Without these three things, your RV is nothing more than a large metal tent with a bed, albeit still much more comfortable than a tent. Make sure each time you set out on a trip, that your electric, water and sewage lines are in proper working order. Also remember to bring extra lengths of electric cables and hoses in case the connections for your water and power are not close enough to your RV.

Basic Camping Supplies and Personal Items

For the average camper or the full-timer RVer, there are essential items that must be brought on any excursion, whether long or short. Some important items include: a gas or battery-powered camping lantern, propane tanks for the RV kitchen stove (if not included in your motor home set up), bedding and pillows, flashlights, self-powered radio, fire extinguisher, bug spray, cooking gear and utensils, cleaning materials, and a well-stocked first-aid kit are just some of the essential items necessary for a successful camping trip. There are obviously more items that could be included, but some of them depend on the length of the trip and the individual person making the trip.

Personal items are a must on a RV camping trip. Although your motor home may seem like a five-star hotel, there are no maids or a laundry service nearby. Everything you need must be brought by you and made available by you.

RV Maintenance and Safety

Since you are going on this excursion to get away from it all, the you need to be ready for anything. The nearest help may be hours away, which means you will need to bring along some supplies and some “know how.” It would benefit you to bring along a well-stocked toolbox, and double check it before you leave to make sure all the necessary tools are readily available to you. The last thing you need is to have a maintenance problem only to find out you left the exact tool you need stilling on your workbench at home.

Remember that RVing can be fun and exciting, but it also requires you to be well prepared for anything. Having the right size motor home can also

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