RV Gift Ideas

 It’s December 15, and the big day  is just 10 days away! Have you finished shopping for gifts yet?

If the answer is “no,” you’re in luck! Here are some awesome gift ideas for the RV lovers in your life.

Gift idea #1: Many RV travelers find it relaxing to kick back in their favorite lawn chair and enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evening. The problem is, lawn chairs aren’t very accommodating to wine glasses. This nifty little device keeps the wine glass stable by staking into the ground, suction-cupping to surfaces, or connecting to the arm of a chair.



Gift Idea #2: One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give an RV owner is a personalized sign or plaque to help them make their RV or campsite feel more “theirs.” Make it yourself or commission an arty friend to help you out. Either way, we’re sure this will be a treasured gift that they will look upon fondly every time they are on the road.

Gift idea #3: It’s no secret that National Parks are among the most popular RV destinations, filled with beautiful nature and breathtaking sights. A nice pair

of binoculars can make these experiences even more enjoyable, and this is not a gift that most people would think of buying for themselves. The nature-loving RV traveler in your life will be excited to give them a try!

Gift idea #4: The Tandem Tire-Changing Ramp is a gift that might just save the day on a future roadtrip. This cool tool eliminates the need to crank a jack to change a tire. Park the good side up on the ramp and the blown tire will be elevated enough to easily remove. If you buy this, we can guarantee you’ll get an enthusiastic “Thank you!” call someday

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our fans! No matter how you’re celebrating this season, we hope you get to experience all of the love and cheer spending time with friends and family can offer.


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