Preparing for Storms in Your RV – Revisited

A few years ago, we covered hurricane preparedness because Harvey’s destruction of Houston was fresh on our minds. This month, we here in Florida are breathing a sigh of relief since we avoided Dorian, so we wanted to take another look at how to prepare your RV for a hurricane when you’re traveling.

Many popular RV vacation spots are in areas that are subject to occasional severe weather. If you’ve made plans to travel to one of these places this season, here are some precautions you can take to ensure your safety and the safety of your RV while you’re out on the road.

Bring an Emergency Kit with You

When you are preparing to leave home, put together a kit with supplies you’ll need in an emergency. Essentials are a good place to start: grab water, non-perishable foods, and extra prescription medications. Bring anything you might need to prepare your RV for a “hunker down.” These include tarps, trash bags, Ziploc bags, rope, and zipties—all of which will come in handy in severe weather. To be extra safe, you can even carry sheets of plywood with you, along with an easy way of attaching and detaching them.

Avoid a Flooded Motor Home

When selecting your spot at the campground, find a spot on higher ground. Flooding caused by rain can cause you to get stuck in mud or can creep into your RV, wrecking the interior. Furthermore, if you have to evacuate your area, avoid driving in water. Water on the road can be deeper than it looks, and driving into deep water can spell disaster for your motor home. Moving water may make you lose control of your vehicle and be swept off the road. Once a storm hits, avoid areas of potential flooding at all costs!

Protect Yourself from a Waterlogged RV

Severe weather brings massive amounts of rain, so you can bet that every leak in your RV will be made obvious by constant dripping—and that dripping can do a lot of damage. Cover fabric like clothes, carpet and bedding with plastic tarps and bags. Position pots, pans, and buckets to catch drips, and use towels or a large sponge to sop up puddles as they form. Important documents should be secured in Ziploc bags so there’s no chance of them getting wet.

Above All: Be Cautious

While there are ways to be safe while riding out a storm, sometimes it’s just safer to get out and away. A well-timed evacuation will save you a lot of worry and keep you out of danger. Resume your vacation somewhere more safe, or return once the weather has passed. Protect your RV with the above tips, but above all, protect yourself!

September is FEMA’s National Preparedness Month and more severe weather is sure to come before the hurricane season is over, so it’s a great time to prepare for natural disasters. Even if you don’t live in the southeast, you probably have some sort of dangerous natural events that can take you by surprise, so we hope you’ve got something out of this post that can help you prepare your RV for bad weather.
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