Planning Your Summer RV Trips

For everything that people do, there is an established, habitual way of doing it. We fold clothes the way Mama did it, copy Aunt Petunia’s pecan pie recipe, and take the same roads we’ve traveled a hundred times before to get to our destination—literally and figuratively.

These things work—Auntie’s pie is awful good, after all—and that’s why we do them that way, but what if there was a better way?

This applies to RV travel planning, too. If you’re a veteran RV owner, you have certain routes to certain destinations that you take at certain times of year, and it works for you. In this article, we want to give you some tips to help you plan your summer RV vacation in a new way.

When thinking about summer destinations, a lot of people think about the beach, but smart travelers know that the best move is to go north. Many places you’ve been conditioned to avoid due to miserable winters have unbelievable weather and some terrific festivals, making them sleeper choices for summer vacation. The beach is more or less the same year-round, so why not leave that to a winter trip and check out Montana, New England, or Washington instead?

Turn multiple trips into one. Instead of a straight there-and-back route, plan a trip that takes you in a big circle so that you can hit different destinations on your way out of town and on your way back home. Plan your itinerary well and you can use your momentum to save money and time while visiting more awesome places.

Is it more important to you to see all of the celebrations and attractions the destination has to offer, or to miss the crowds? Thinking through this little detail can make a big difference in your experience. Not only that, it can bring you savings in terms of time and money. Make a decision before you even start planning.

Taking these ideas into account while planning your summer RV trips will help you make the most of your next roadtrip. Gather tips from other travelers, take a peek inside their mind, and soon you’ll be an RV travel guru!


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