Off the Cord Camping in Your RV

Since March is a green month (happy St. Patty’s Day!), our theme is “going green” in your RV. Earlier this month, we laid out some simple things that you can do to reduce your footprint while traveling in your RV. In this post, we will be talking about “off the cord” camping in your RV—probably the most extreme method of “green” camping.

“Off the cord” camping in your RV means getting way off the grid, out into the wild. There are no hookups out there, so water conservation is a necessity and finding ways to use little or no electricity is essential. Many campgrounds are offering designated “off the cord” sites, so you can be sure that even if you are out in nature, you aren’t spoiling an area that you aren’t meant to disturb.

Your environmental impact while camping “off the cord” is minimal. You are truly “going green” in a very radical sense, but there are other benefits, too. The biggest plus of “off the cord” RVing is a re-connection with nature. The sites at many RV campgrounds are perfectly fine, but aren’t exactly known for offering the stunning views you can find out your window when you go “off the cord.” There is something primal and adventurous about being away from other campers, with limited resources, even if only for a few days. It’s an experience you have to try at least once.

The next time you travel in your RV, especially if you’re traveling somewhere with breathtaking sunsets or mountain views, ask if your campground offers “off the cord” camping, and experience the purest form of “green” RVing.


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