How Not to Get Stuck in The Sand? Beach Driving Tips for RV-ers

RV Beach Driving How would you like the idea of waking up next to the crushing waves and breathing in fresh ocean air? Indeed, beach camping is a mind-blowing idea for those keen on striking a deeper connection with nature. However, before you head out, review the following tips to avoid an utterly expensive beach-disaster.

Consult Ocean Tide-Tables

Remember, ocean tides rise and fall every day. Before taking your rig straight to the beach, consult the Ocean Tide Tables for the US. is a good resource. Wait till the high tide goes out.

Carry Traction

Instead of carrying sheets of plywood, which are heavy and cumbersome, use any sophisticated extraction device. Many campers these days carry a vehicle extraction device called ‘Maxtrax’ for their beach-trips. These state-of-the-art devices can provide both a powerful push and a firm grip to haul the rig out of sand.

Know the Driving-friendly Spots on the Beach

Beach-driving is an essential part of oceanfront camping. However, you must know where it’s fine to drive on the beach and where it’s not. Some parts of the beach may not be firm enough to bear the weight of a heavy motor home. Going off the designated trail may land you in a soup. The less you drive on the beach, the better. Even if you decide to do driving, avoid tugging along a trailer behind you.

Let Some Air Out of the Tires

Lowering air pressure gives more surface area to your tires. This in turn provides better traction. However, don’t forget to inflate them once again after you make your way back from sand to asphalt.

Carry Extra Water

If the tires get struck in the sand, pour a few gallons of water over the driving path. This will ease your driving over a difficult stretch.

Keep Going

In order to gain maximum traction on sand, you have to keep going on a straight line until you reach the spot where you want to park your vehicle. A sudden brake and you may lose the momentum, making it difficult for you to forge ahead.

The service of a professional towing company can be very expensive. Even if you are ready to pay, many towing companies won’t offer you any service when you are more than 100 feet away from asphalt. It is better to be safe than sorry, so remember our tips and minimize your risks on the sand.

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