Why Must You Know The RV Laws Before Traveling?

RV LawsWhen you decide to travel in your motor home, it’s important to understand the rules of the road. The size of your vehicle matters as there are different laws for home-on-wheels, particularly if you own the largest Class A motor home. However, RV road laws can be difficult to follow or understand. Here is some useful information to ensure that you know about the specific RV laws to make your trip hassle-free.

Finding about RV Laws

Before you hit the road, check out the information provided on the Department of Transportation (DoT) website. Look for the DoT site of the states that you’re planning to visit. You may even research online to find out about trailer or RV laws that are specific to a state. Even if you do not find all the traffic rules listed on a DoT website, you may find about other travelers who were towed, fined, ticketed or warned about the specific rules that they didn’t follow or know about. In case you do not find the information you are looking for, call the county, state or city DoT right away and ask questions.

Different Laws

RV laws can vary from one state to the other, and it’s difficult to understand which law is applicable and where when you’re traveling. The laws can even vary for different towns. Therefore, ensure that you’re well-versed with the routes you are taking, and know whether the road rules apply or not.

Motor Home Parking Problems

The US cities such as Philadelphia, San Diego and Miami have prohibited RV parking in city neighborhoods and streets, including private property. The parking laws are put into effect by the communities and cities, and not the states. If you are parking your motor home in an unfamiliar locality, know how long you can park, to avoid penalties or being towed.

Take your time to learn about the RV laws of your state as well as those of the states you are planning to visit. It will make RV-ing on the road safe and enjoyable.

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