Motor Home Brokers

Benefits Motor Home Finders brings to you.

  • It’s not that easy to sell a motor home. It takes time, commitment and a great deal of money.
  • With 50+ years in selling luxury motor homes, We help in preparing to sell your motor home.
  • We Qualify potential buyers for you by weeding out tire kickers and scammers, bringing only serious buyers to you.
  • We assist you in pricing your motor home.
  • We know who your competitors are and where you fit into the market.
  • We provide advice on any improvements that should be made to compete within today’s market.
  • We will help you arrange to show your motor home.
  • Communicate updates on price changes, location changes, and sales status.
  • Motor home Finders has ad placements in nationwide magazines and on multiple Internet placements.
  • We are available by phone and very responsive in responding and following up on inquiries.
  • We can help you find competitive financing and facilitate with extended warranties.
  • We work with trade-ins.

Customer Testimonial

Motor Home Finders knew who was wanting what kind of RV and they sent the right people to see mine. I only showed it to five people before it sold in two months. If it had to do it all over again, I would certainly use Motor Home Finders.
Glen Calhoun


The commission doesn’t change.

Peace of mind at no extra charge. Our service is a flat fee, not a percentage of the sale price of your motor home. Sales are quicker and your motor home can be listed and sold for less, without the worry of marking up your motor home to pay high commissions.

Guidelines we achieve by

  1. We try to be well informed on current market conditions in order to advise clients of fair market value.
  2. We protect to the best of our ability, the public against fraud, misrepresentation and unethical practices.
  3. We will try and learn all pertinent facts concerning all rvs for which we accept listings, so that we may present a fair description of the rv.
  4. For the protection of all parties with whom we deal, see that financial obligations and commitments regarding rv transactions are in writing, expressing the exact agreement of the parties; and, that copies of such agreements, at the time they are executed, are placed in the hands of all parties involved .


Benefits to the Buyer

  • Facilitate finding the rv that will meet your needs.
  • Know the rvs available on the market and can offer opinions concerning the price of an rv.
  • Follows and advises of market indices and trends.
  • Often can provide history of the rv.
  • Advises of resale values.
  • Motivates the seller.
  • Provide referrals for insurance.
  • Advises of potential for trades.
  • Provide referrals for financing.
  • Offers advice on how to make the offer.
  • Guides you how to write a purchase agreement with necessary elements to protect your interest.
  • Keeps you apprised on tax issues, or duties that may apply to a particular rv.
  • Survey – Knowledge of specific items to look for with various types of rvs.
  • Provide inventory of items on board to confirm agreement between both parties.
  • Coordination of all the players involved in a closing, office staff; finance companies; insurance agents; selling agents; documentation companies; attorneys; overseeing any repair work being done prior to closing, etc. Help coordinate any work to be done after the closing.
  • Follow up with documentation as the rv is transferred to new ownership.
  • Offer assistance in any way possible to ensure continued enjoyment of the rv.
  • Always available to answer new questions as they come up.

Our listings come to us from referral’s, friends, and past customers. We hand pick every listing.

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