So, finally the wanderer in you has decided to go footloose and explore the world on the wheels by owning a plush recreational vehicle. No hassles to book flight tickets or losing your sleep over hotel bookings. All you want to do is hit the highway as you soak up the luxury of a fully-furnished motor home. Wondering about the mileage? Well, stop clouding your mind by going through different websites because we will tell you everything that you wanted to know about motor home mileage.

Gas or diesel?

A thumb rule that holds true for both gas and diesel powered RVs is that the bigger the RV, the fewer miles per gallon (MPG) of fuel will it give you. While gas is certainly cheaper than diesel, the latter is considered more fuel efficient. Of course, a lot of it depends on your driving habits and the terrains you are venturing out to, on an average, a brand new gasoline-powered RV will give 5-10MPG while a diesel RV will get you between 9-14MPG.


If you are planning to opt for a used motor home, it always makes sense to conduct a thorough inspection and check the reading that will reveal how much distance the rig has travelled so far. Ask the owner or the dealer about the vehicle’s usual mileage. A used but well-maintained RV can have an expected lifetime of over 1million miles, and even if you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll need several years to exhaust that.

Class counts

A Class B motor home will give you the best mileage; better than Class A motor homes — the biggest, the most expensive and the most luxurious ones, or even the Class C motor home — the lowest of the category but with unique advantages. Class C in fact provides a better mileage compared to Class A, though tad poorer than Class B. Remember, we told you, the bigger is your rig, the lesser will be the MPG of fuel?

Now, if you are looking at owning the most fuel-efficient vehicle, a Class C diesel motor home is the answer. If you are game to compromise on the mileage but want a spacious vehicle with top notch amenities, and will go all out to acquire that, go for Class A.



· Change your air filter regularly to boost the performance and fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent.

·  Do not overload your RV. Extra weight demands for more power and will result in less mileage.

·  When travelling at high speed, especially on a highway, always use cruise control. This will keep the vehicle at a uniform speed instead of variable speed, and thus save gas.

·  Do not compromise on the oil quality. Use the recommended grade. Avoid high-octane fuel. Opt for premium or regular fuel as per recommendation and your budget.

·  Switch off the air conditioner when you don’t need it. This will reduce the stress on the engine and help boost mileage.

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