Major Points to Consider for Campers in Wheelchairs

Campers in WheelchairsPeople who love the outdoors are usually passionate about camping. They feel at peace living in the midst of nature and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, if you are wheelchair-bound, chances are, the mere mention of a camping trip gets you thinking about the obvious logistics problems. This should not be the case, however, as there are many wheelchair-accessible RVs available now. Moreover, several campsites and caravan parks offer special amenities to individuals who are specially-abled to make their stay more convenient and enjoyable. Here are few things you need to keep in mind:

Prepping Your Motor Home

You might ask – why an RV?

Motor homes are a great investment for you if you have to travel occasionally. The spacious interiors allow you to move about in your wheelchair easily. Moreover, new wheelchair-accessible RV models are equipped with lifts to get you and your chair inside and out without any hassle. Motor homes are perfect for camping as the travel experience is comfortable and it takes little time to set up and take down your camping equipment.

What Activities Can You Indulge In?

The best camping sites are lakes and state parks. They are priced reasonably and consist of beautiful trails and RV hook-ups. There are many opportunities to indulge in fishing activities and spend time exploring the scenic beauty. You have a chance to meet new people and spend quality time with your companions. You can always carry your camera with you if you are interested in photography.

Bid Your Bathroom Worries Goodbye

A common concern for campers who are wheelchair-bound is how they can take care of their washroom requirements without inconveniencing themselves and others. We have good news. You can easily get around the campgrounds using a power chair. There are specially paved sites provided for wheelchairs in many campgrounds and these paths are kept vacant for the individuals who are specially-abled so that they do not face any trouble when using the facilities.

Enjoy your camping trip without any worries, and if you are looking for the right motor home to go camping in, contact us right away.

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