Love Your Pets? Show them the World in an RV!

We all love our pets! They are so cute and fluffy and cuddly and affectionate and fun and…

Ahem. Sorry. We got a little carried away there.

It’s hard to leave your precious pets behind when you travel, but most modes of travel just aren’t very pet-friendly. And once you get to your destination, it’s a challenge to find a place to stay that welcomes pets. Those that do often charge expensive pet fees. Most even restrict the size and breeds that they allow. Plus, you have to think about your pet’s comfort: how will they relieve themselves? Will they feel claustrophobic? For most people, they are forced to leave their furry friends at home with a pet sitter or take them to a kennel.

Yeah, that’s a lot o

f concerns. Luckily, RV owners don’t have to wrestle with these—or, at least, not to the same extent that other travelers do. True, you will still have to consider your pet’s comfort, but in many ways, for a pet, traveling in an RV isn’t much different than being at home. When traveling in your motor home with your pet, your main concerns are whether or not you brought enough food and whether you’ve plotted out sufficient stopping points to allow them to go potty and burn off energy.

They can still stretch and nap on the couch, run around the living area, and, most importantly, get lots of attention from you! The majority of RV parks are pet-friendly, with many even having dog parks and the like, and most won’t charge you a pet fee. They get to take in new sights and smells, run through new grass, and potentially make new friends.

If you’re an RV-driving pet owner, you undoubtedly know all of this already, and bringing your pet along is probably one of your favorite parts of the RVing experience. If you’re a pet owner on the fence about jumping intothe lifestyle, we encourage you to take the leap. Traveling with a pet you love makes a trip that much better!

If you are interested in creating a comfortable traveling environment for your pet, peruse our inventory of Class A motor homes. Each listing comes with a rundown of included features and a collection of photos to help you find the RV that’s perfect for you!

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