Love to Travel? Opt for Work Camping

Work CampingBringing your hobby to work is an elusive theory that only a lucky few can translate into reality. For those who dare to dream big, opportunities are all around – only you need to have the zeal and courage to seize the opportunity, as thousands of work campers do. Wondering what the term work camping means? Well, it refers to an outdoor lifestyle that lets you earn while traveling, allowing work and life blend smoothly for you.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Work Camping?

Work camping is a good fit for your personality if:

  • Travel is not just a hobby, but is a passion for you

  • You have the health and the right mindset for long-term camping

  • You are looking for a way to pay-off your sustained travel costs

  • You want to top-up your income with seasonal or part-time jobs

  • You are looking forward to an adventure-packed retirement, and are on the lookout for the means to sponsor it

Types of Work Camping Jobs

Rv-ers can choose from a wide array of work camping jobs. You can opt for either a full-time or a part-time job. Some of them require specific skills, while some do not. Some employers may ask you to undergo basic training before starting the job. Naturally, you make a better candidate if you have some experience in the field. Some of the commonest work camping positions you can find across the US include tour guides, campground host or manager, activity directors for travel companies, maintenance workers and clerks, among the others. The perks include a free RV hookup or on-site housing. Travelers enjoy a lot of flexibility with regard to working at different RV parks, campgrounds and wildlife sanctuaries.

How to Find These Jobs?

There are four fantastic ways to find work camping jobs in the US:

Search Online

Google the word ‘work campers’ and the search engine will throw open a number of websites that provide job listing for RV-ers and campers. In addition, search the social media sites and RV forums to get more job-related information.,,, and are some of the sites you can check out.

Contact National Parks

Many national parks offer seasonal job opportunities for the campers. The best way to know about such opportunities is to check job posts on their websites.

Apply to Private Campgrounds

Send your resume to the manager of the private campground you wish to work for. Kampgrounds of America (KOA), which operates nationwide campground chains, have employment programs designed for such nomadic job seekers and is also one of the major employers in this field.

Contact RV Park Management Companies

Many campgrounds hire a third-party consulting company to manage various administrative functions. They also handle the hiring for their clients. Recreation Resource Management is a good case in point. The company recruits work campers for the parks and campgrounds all over the United States.

Just like any other job opportunity, work camping also calls for careful scrutiny. Research the job market and take feedbacks from campers that have worked for the campsite before accepting a job offer.

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