Looking at Solar Power This Summer

Have you considered solar power in your RV? As our society moves towards alternative energy sources and “going green,” there’s a lot of talk about solar. Many of the Class A motor homes we list in our inventory have solar panels as an included option, and this feature might be one worth buying into.

An RV roof is a prime place to install a solar panel, due to the amount of time spent in the sun, whether driving or camping. However, solar systems shouldn’t be utilized alone. They are a part of a larger system that includes your generator, battery, and campground hookups. A good solar rig, though, can shoulder part of the power burden and save you some money while benefiting the environment.

A solar panel rig can also open up new kinds of RVing adventures to you. While previously you may have been locked down to a campsite, now you can feel free to do some “boondocking,” going off the grid and away from it all to camp. You can feel closer to nature than ever, while still enjoying the utmost comfort of your luxury RV. You might find that having solar panels installed opens up the map to you in ways you never imagined.

If you already own an RV, take a look at the amount of energy you use on your typical trip and see if a solar power system makes sense for you. If you are in the market for a new Class A motor home, take a look at our inventory and you may be surprised how many come with solar already installed. It’s an upgrade that’s great for the environment, and one that can definitely enhance your RVing experience!

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