Know How Much Food is Healthy For Your RV Refrigerator

RV RefrigeratorBringing along your favorite assortment of food and beverages in RV trips can keep you comfortable even in worst situations. Whether you want to keep practicing new recipes on the road, or need a familiar taste to remember the old times, an RV refrigerator can be your best friend. However, these units are a lot smaller than residential refrigerators. Even then you cannot fill these units from top to bottom and start for the road. Why? Because firstly it doesn’t have the space. You might face refrigerator leveling problem with so much food in it, plus more food generally means more requirement of cooling, which will increase your propane or gas expenses. So, the question that every RV-er faces is how much food is okay to carry. Here is your answer.

Depends on Size

RV fridges generally come in sizes from four to nine cubic feet, depending on the space available in your RV. Bigger models would be able to fit in more items than the smaller ones, but filling up small cabinet fridges will make the units unstable during jerks and sudden brakes. Even huge RV fridges must not be chockablock with food items, as it will increase the gas, propane or electricity bills. So, keep things to a minimum and store new food items only when you have swapped an old one.

Use Space Smartly

Picking only a few things from a world of food items that you want with you on the road can be quite confusing and challenging. But, you can make room for a few more items in your RV fridge if you use the space smartly. How? Well, get vegetable, meat, and fruits out of their plastic or Styrofoam packing. Cut them is small pieces and put them in zip lock bags. This will increase your space greatly and allow you to bring along a few more items.

Act wisely when packing up stuff for the RV trip. Keep in mind that appliances like your RV fridge can be a great help to you on the road, if used appropriately. So, follow the suggestions and make the right decisions for a comfortable and delicious trip.

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